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Hyacinths for Valentine's Day

Valentinstag Hyazinthen schenken

Our care tips

The hyacinth is both a room and a garden plant and exudes an inviting, pleasant fragrance everywhere.

Care in the bed

She likes airy soil, but should have plenty of nutrients to offer. When planted, one should choose a sunny place for it.

Plants should be a hyacinth in October-November. Care should be taken to ensure that the onions are not too close together and that they are deep enough in the soil (2x as deep as the diameter of the onion).

As soon as the hyacinths have faded, the flowers should be cut off (but never cut the leaves). From the remaining leaves the plant pulls power for the next flowering period.

Care in the pot

The hyacinth is planted in nutrient-rich soil between October and November. Care should be taken to avoid dangers, otherwise the plant will quickly perish. One should only pour a little and store the pot for about ten weeks in a cool and dry place. As soon as the first germ is seen, the pot can be taken out again and placed in the sun, so that it can thrive beautifully. Pouring from now on as required and condition of the earth, but never moisten the onion itself.

After the flowering period, the hyacinth is not allowed to be poured any more and can be placed in a cool, dark place for wintering. So she suffers enough strength for the next flowering season.