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Orchids for Valentine's Day

Valentinstag Orchideen schenken

Our care tips

First, it is important to mention that orchids can not be planted in soil, because in their natural environment, they grow on the branches of trees to get more easily into the water. In a thick layer of soil, the orchid would mold and enter.

So that the roots of the orchid get enough water but also enough air, there are special Orchideensubstrate, which are usually delivered with the purchase. One must buy such a substrate at the latest after 2 years, since the orchid must then be repotted.

to water

An orchid must not be poured too much. In winter with heating air, it is sufficient to carry water once a week, twice a week in the summer. If then poured, it should be strong. Too much water has to be poured into the pot and through a hole in the soil it is possible to get out of the pot, the plant must not stand in the water!


As orchids grow originally on trees, as described above, they need little nutrients. According to this, the orchid has hardly been given fertilizer, the roots even die with too much fertilizer. Easy to remember: if you recognize a new blade drive, you should fertilize something. Otherwise you should fertilize every 2-4 weeks, in winter you should reduce fertilization to the minimum.