White bouquet

A bouquet of white flowers - Your first thought might be that these are flowers for a funeral or wedding. However, this does not always have to be the case. The beautiful pure flowers can also be used on various other occasions. However, you should always be careful not to inadvertently convey the wrong message. Therefore, always think carefully about buying white flowers. Is it not a problem for the recipient what the symbolism of the flowers means and do they just like white flowers? Then you can't go wrong. But otherwise you should first make sure what you are implicitly conveying with the white bouquet. Therefore you will find some practical suggestions here.

Meaning of the white color

A white bouquet symbolizes purity and innocence. This meaning does not only apply to flowers, but is generally valid for the color white and is therefore often used as the color of the wedding dress, for example. While a white bouquet is on the one hand often seen in a wedding bouquet, it is also often seen as a mourning color and used for condolences or as grave decorations. You should therefore always be careful with the white flowers, because you don't want to accidentally call up a mood of mourning.

Which flowers are white?

There are many white flowers. So enough choice if you want to create a white bouquet with different flowers. Here we show you some white flowers sorted by season so that you know when you can purchase the flowers. Some white flowers, such as roses, chrysanthemums, and lilies, are available all year round, while others are more seasonal:

  • White bouquet in winter: In winter the choice is not that big, but there are still some white flowers such as: amaryllis, protea, hyacinths, gypsophila and branched roses.
  • White bouquet in spring: As soon as it gets a little warmer again, the selection of white flowers is significantly larger. Think of anemones, tulips, freesias, ranunculus, chamomile and calla.
  • White bouquet in summer: You will also find many beautiful white flowers in the summer months. Peonies, hydrangeas, lisianthus, carnations, Levkojen, scabioses and astilbe - you are sure to find the perfect flowers for your white bouquet in summer.
  • White bouquet in autumn: autumnal chrysanthemums, alstromeries, callas and turmeric - these are just some of the white flowers you will find in autumn. But a white decorative pumpkin also grows in autumn.

White roses

A white bouquet with roses symbolizes love, loyalty and innocence and is therefore often used for wedding flowers. In combination with red and pink roses, it is also a particularly loving surprise for the partner. Say "I love you", "I'll be true to you" and fall in love with a bouquet of flowers.

White carnations

A white bouquet of flowers with carnations promises eternal loyalty. That's why these flowers are a good idea at the wedding or to simply surprise your partner. On your anniversary in particular, it is a nice gesture to once again promise eternal loyalty. Purity and happiness are also conveyed with white carnations. So you can also use these flowers to wish someone the best of luck, whether for the upcoming wedding, an upcoming exam or for a stay abroad.

White chrysanthemums

White chrysanthemums are often used, especially in Germany, to decorate burials with flowers. That is why a white bouquet with these flowers is also known as a "death flower". The meaning behind this flower is actually very nice because it says "I love you". So if you have unfortunately lost a very loving person, you can use white chrysanthemums to emphasize how close you were to that person. In some regions the white chrysanthemums are associated with holiness and bliss.

If you want to give flowers to someone abroad, you should be careful with chrysanthemums. Because the meaning of this flower is slightly different in many countries, which is why you can step into your faux pas faster. Therefore, always look up what significance a white bouquet with chrysanthemums has in the destination country, so that you can be on the safe side. Because even in the neighboring country, the Netherlands, the chrysanthemum is seen as an autumn flower, which can also cancel out unlucky numbers like 13.

White lilies

The white lilies are also a very well-known death flower. Symbols such as purity, innocence, honor and godliness are ascribed to the white lilies. In Christianity in particular, the lily has a special meaning to express devotion to God. This is why a white bouquet with lilies can be used very well at the funerals of Christian deceased.

But the white lilies can also be a positive flower. Because the flower is often grown as a pot plant and cut flower. The lilies come in many different colors, including white. A white bouquet of flowers with lilies is very popular and can complete an apartment well. In addition to the fact that the lily can be a beautiful addition to your home, it also has a particularly positive meaning: the lily itself stands for purity, love and fertility. Because of this, the meaning of the flower agrees well with the meaning of the white color.

White hydrangeas

Like the white lilies and chrysanthemums, this flower is also seen as the flower of death. With this flower you show respect. Therefore, they are particularly suitable to give to people who are terminally ill or very old. However, this flower should be given away with caution, because not everyone will be so happy about it. While many older people still regard the white hydrangeas as the flower of death, this stigma is hardly known among the younger people. That is why they are sometimes used for wedding decorations, as they embody elegance, loyalty and purity.

For what occasion is a white bouquet perfect?

When giving away white flowers, you should always approach them with caution. Because before you are aware of it, you are already kicking your feet. A white bouquet can convey a very beautiful meaning, but there are also many white flowers known as the death flower. In any case, as mentioned earlier, white chrysanthemums, lilies, and hydrangeas are often viewed as the flower of death. But white aster and calla also belong to this group. So be careful with these flowers, especially if the person puts a lot of emphasis on this symbolism. You should also be careful with superstitious people, because it can be seen as a bad omen, especially as a convalescent greeting. You certainly don't want that on your conscience.

White flowers are also extremely popular for weddings. A wonderful dress with a matching and harmonizing bouquet is essential for the perfect look. Therefore you should pay special attention not only to the dress, but also to the flowers. A white bouquet is very traditionally used for the wedding. The flowers then also symbolize purity, innocence and cleanliness, which goes perfectly with the wedding. In addition, white flowers emanate peace and harmony, which is very appropriate on a quiet but elegant wedding. Roses, gerberas, lilies, tulips and orchids are often used as flowers.

A white bouquet can also be used for other happy occasions. They radiate cleanliness and are suitable for many occasions. Think, for example, of a baptism, a move or to say thank you. Although a white bouquet is beautiful, a pure white bouquet often exudes something sad or is instantly associated with the wedding. Of course, this doesn't have to be the case for every person. If you know that the person you are ordering flowers for loves white flowers, you can't go wrong. Otherwise, the white flowers can also be perfectly merged with other colors. If you combine it with particularly cheerful colors, you can definitely give away the white flowers carefree.

A bouquet of white flowers as a gift

A white bouquet is generally very suitable to be given as a gift. For example, white is a neutral color and goes almost anywhere. With a white bouquet from Region Florist, you can be sure that you have the right gift. In addition, you can also add something beautiful to the bouquet. That makes the overall picture even better. A bottle of wine or a white teddy bear for consolation or a box of chocolate to highlight your love - at Regionsflorist you will find some nice gifts to make the flower greeting even more special! In addition, you can write a short card text of up to 230 words. Write a nice message for the recipient and let them know who the beautiful flowers came from.

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