Regional florist - we send a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers to each region

You can create the right atmosphere in your living space with beautiful flowers. Wildflowers are of course also very popular as gifts for your partner or family member. Regionsflorist offers you a large selection of colorful flowers and bouquets that have just the right thing for every taste and occasion.

When sending flowers, you can fall back on a very diverse range, consisting of many different types of flowers, and design your own wildflower bouquet according to your personal ideas. Sending flowers is always a successful gift! Ordering flowers has never been easier.

Why do you send a bouquet of wild flowers?

Regardless of the occasion, flowers are still one of the most popular gift ideas for everyone. Flowers are an item that people choose as a gift for various kinds of occasions. This has long been the practice and is done by people from different cultures in different parts of the world.

Because of this, the flower boutique market and business has likely seen steady growth throughout the history of the global economy. There is actually a separate branch of the flower trade.

What makes a flower a wildflower?

A wildflower is best defined as a flower that has not been genetically manipulated or enhanced. These flowers grow without intentional human help and belong to about 300 different families. Experts estimate that there are over 20,000 species of wildflower plants in Germany.

The most popular wildflowers include:

  • sunflowers
  • Lilies
  • daisy
  • Poppies
  • cosmos

Each of these flowering plants grow naturally in the wild without human intervention. The selection of wildflower bouquets at Regionsflorist is ideal for autumn flower arrangements. From sunflowers to succulents, you can count on us for next day gift delivery.

How often should i water wildflowers?

Freshly cut wildflowers need regular grooming and water changes. You should change the water for your wildflowers every other day to double the lifespan of your flowers. If the water in the vase contains harmful bacteria, the flowers will feed on them and may be withered in no time.

So that your wildflower bouquet always looks beautiful, you should keep the flowers away from extreme temperatures or particularly draughty rooms. This can lead to faster withering and shorten the life of your beautiful wildflower bouquet.

How much sunlight do windflowers need?

Every wildflower has a slightly different need for sunlight. For example, a mixed bouquet of roses needs at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. A bouquet of sunflowers takes between 6 and 8 hours a day. However, most wildflowers require around half a day of sunlight to maintain their natural luminosity and shape.

Without sunlight, the flowers will not get the energy they need to create their own source of food. The best place for a vase of wildflowers is near a window that gets plenty of natural light.

Order wildflowers online

The latest trend in floristry is beautiful modern bouquets that are hand-tied with meadow flowers. These meadow bouquets are tied with a looser floristic technique than the classic round bouquets.

The charm of these wildflowers is that they look like they have just been picked from the field. But you will be amazed at how much floristic experience has to go into this technique to give the wildflower bouquet the appearance of playful lightness. Regional florist combines the freshness of the field with professional floristry and the result is - we find - effortless beauty!

How does the delivery of meadow flowers work

Our modern bouquets tied with wildflowers are sent by post! The boxes in which the wildflower bouquet arrives are specially designed for sensitive contents. And what could be more delicate than a lovely bouquet of meadow flowers? In the box there is a special holder that holds the stems of the flowers tight and stable.

And in the upper part of the box, where the flowers are, there is enough space so that none of the flowers arrive crushed. In addition, all stems are supplied with water through a cloth during the journey to you. This cloth is wrapped around the bouquet and then covered with a lid made of waterproof material so that the water cannot run out.

Which meadow flowers can be found in Regionsflorist's bouquets?

You will find the following colors and types of flowers in our modern meadow bouquets:

Yellow meadow flowers: sunflowers, alstromeria
Purple meadow flowers: eustoma, aster
Red meadow flowers: Hypericum, roses
Blue wild flowers: delphinium, thistle
Orange meadow flowers: gerberas, roses, carnations, lilies
White meadow flowers: lilies, roses, eustoma
Pink meadow flowers: roses, spray roses

Flower delivery with freshness guarantee to every region of Germany

At Regionsflorist we not only offer you a very large selection of numerous different types of flowers in different colors. When you order flowers from Regionsflorist, you benefit from our 7-day freshness guarantee.

Thanks to this promise from us, when sending flowers you can be sure that your flowers are really fresh! We offer this service because we know exactly how important convincing freshness is, for example with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Which size should you choose?

Many bouquets come in the following sizes: small has an average size of 20-25 cm; normal means an average height of 25-30 cm and large corresponds to 30-35 cm.

Choose from a wide variety of wildflowers

Of course, all kinds of flowers are beautiful, but sometimes it is very difficult to choose the right bouquet of wildflowers. At Regionsflorist you can choose from more than 18 beautiful wildflower bouquets. We'll tell you which one we love the most!

Ostrich Kate

For those who love white and simplicity, we have Kate for you. White lilies, roses, eustomas and green thlaspi make this beautiful white bouquet bright. This pretty bouquet is available in sizes: large, medium and small.

Lotte field bouquet
Soft pink colors are included in this beautiful field bouquet. Nice long stems combined by a professional. The vase is not included. This beautiful bouquet is available in the following sizes: large.

Bouquet Sophie
Sophie will really inspire you! If you want to make a stunning impression, this elegant bouquet is the perfect gift. With exotic and colorful flowers like Strelitzia, Eremuris and Calla Lily in the picking style, this bouquet of wild flowers will brighten everyone's day. This beautiful bouquet is available in sizes: large, medium and small.

Bouquet of adina
Adina is our lovely and colorful bouquet that will cheer everyone up. A beautiful handcrafted bouquet with roses, gerberas, germini, eustoma and more in the colors red, orange and pale pink. This beautiful bouquet is available in sizes: large, medium and small.

Bouquet of flowers Evie
What could be nicer than the smell of a fresh, colorful bouquet? A bouquet of carnations surrounded by roses, germinis and other brightly colored flowers. Evie's lively look instantly lifts the mood. This beautiful bouquet is available in sizes: large, medium and small.

Order a wildflower bouquet online

Do you want a wonderful bouquet of flowers but don't want to have to go out of the house for it? No problem! At Regionsflorist you can have the most beautiful wildflower bouquets delivered to you. This way, you don't have to take great care of yourself, but you get the most beautiful flowers. A bouquet is available from us in different sizes. There is a suitable bouquet for every budget. We need relatively little time to deliver a field bouquet, which is why you will receive the flowers from Regionsflorist very quickly.

Fast delivery with every order

Nowadays you don't have to go outside to get a nice bouquet. You can easily order this from Regionsflorist. In addition to the fact that it is very easy to order, delivery is also convenient. We always deliver our flowers at the right time. You also have the option of decorating the bouquet with a gift. This is very useful when you want to surprise someone. Due to our flexible delivery, it is possible to deliver the bouquet with a gift to an individual address. At Regionsflorist, we put all of our customers first.