Zamioculcas plant

The Zamioculcas plant does not originate in Europe, but comes from a much more distant part of the world. This green plant comes from Tanzania, a country in eastern Africa that borders the Indian Ocean. Since the climate here is very dry, the Zamioculcas plant is used to the fact that it is sometimes not moistened. This makes the plant a very easy houseplant because it just lives on if you forget to water the Zamioculcas. But please try not to forget it too often.

Pancake plant

The pancake plant has a very special name. The plant owes its name to its leaves, which look a bit like small pancakes growing on a thin stem. Most of the world's plants thrive with regular watering, but the opposite is true of the originally Chinese plant. The pancake plant stays in shape much better if it is not given too much water. The following applies to this plant: Better a little too little than a little too much!

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