Are you looking for a beautiful bouquet of roses or peonies? A great decision because you can't go wrong with roses! Roses are the absolute classic among flowers and a gift that everyone is happy about. Would you like to surprise your loved one with a bouquet of red roses or are you looking for a nice present for Mother's Day? Order your bouquet of flowers or roses from Regionsflorist, because we can deliver to any desired address in Germany in a very simple and uncomplicated manner. On this page you will find all rose bouquets from our range. Which one do you choose?

Have a bouquet of fresh roses delivered

Regionsflorist offers you a large selection of different rose bouquets for a wide variety of occasions. Colorful roses, yellow roses, white roses, mixed bouquets with roses and of course the absolute favorite: a small, large or huge bouquet with red roses! The variety is great - but on which occasion do you actually give which type of rose as a gift? You'll find the answer here!

Order red roses

Red roses are the symbol of passionate love! Even for the ancient Greeks, the red rose was the flower of the goddess of love Aphrodite. That is why nothing is more romantic than delivering your message of love in the language of flowers. Do you have someone very special whom you would like to surprise with a bouquet of red roses? Then at Regionsflorist you will find various red rose bouquets that will make hearts beat faster. Does your sweetheart enjoy a simple bouquet of roses the most? If you'd prefer something a little more unusual, you can also order red roses in a playful love hat box with a heart. Or would you like to shower your sweetheart with red roses? Pull out all the stops and give away our huge bouquet of roses with no less than 100 rose petals. Even if you have a special request, we can make it come true. For example, would you like a bouquet of red roses with a single white rose right in the middle? No problem! Write to us which bouquet of roses you would like and we will make sure that you get it. Whatever your choice: At Regionsflorist you get red roses in the very best premium quality!

What does a bouquet of roses in other colors mean?

With roses you can convey not only romantic love but also friendship, joy and affection. For your best friend's birthday, a bouquet of yellow roses is the perfect gift, because yellow roses are the symbol of platonic love. That is why they are often given away to good friends and close family members. Yellow roses are also ideal as a thank you, because they also express optimism, cheerfulness and harmony. For a celebratory occasion such as a wedding or a big anniversary, you are exactly right with a bouquet of white roses. Because white roses stands for loyalty and persistence. Newly in love? A bouquet of pink roses is a great way to express your budding tender feelings. Do you like it more colorful? A bouquet of roses of different colors or a mixed bouquet of roses is always a good choice anyway. Even if you want to pamper yourself with a friendly splash of color for your home!

A Little Florist: Everything You Need To Know About Roses

There are over 100 different types of roses, which botanists divide into wild and cultivated roses. On the other hand, there are countless different types of roses and that is no wonder, because the rose is one of the oldest cultivated flowers in the world. The Sumerians, one of the oldest known advanced civilizations, grew roses in their gardens 4,000 years ago. The first image of a rose was found on a Sumerian clay tablet over 4,000 years old. Therefore we know that this early high culture already appreciated the "queen of flowers". The two-stream land between the rivers Euphrates and Tigris is accordingly also the area of ​​origin of the rose. It is here that the first roses were grown and later they reached the rest of Europe via ancient Greece. From the 18th century, roses from China were also imported to Europe by ship. The Chinese roses were then crossed with the European varieties. This has resulted in an even greater variety of new rose varieties.

How many roses should I order

When giving a bouquet of roses as a gift, you should carefully consider how many roses you want to give away. Is there a hidden meaning behind the number of roses in a bouquet? Here you can find out more about the most important numbers in the rose language:
3 red roses stand for the three magical words "I love you".
With 10 red roses you say “You are perfect for me
If you want to apologize to someone, give away 15 roses.
With 20 red roses, you show that you have sincere intentions.
40 red roses mean sincere and sincere love.
With 50 or more red roses, you are telling your partner that you have never regretted a day together.
100 red roses represent perfect, consummate love.
And 108 red roses don't just cost a small fortune. They are also the classic number for a marriage proposal!

Our tips: This will keep your bouquet of roses fresh longer

First of all: We at Regionsflorist attach great importance to fresh flowers. That is why we always give a freshness guarantee of 7 days on our rose bouquets. So you can be sure that your rose bouquet will definitely stay beautiful for a week. But with a little love and good care, you can extend this period a bit if you follow these golden tips from our florists:

So that the roses can better absorb the water, first cut them at an angle with a sharp knife before placing them in the vase.
Make sure that the leaves do not reach into the water, as this is where harmful germs form the fastest.
Your roses feel most comfortable in room warm water. Do not use ice cold or hot water. Don't forget to change the water every two to three days and rinse the vase thoroughly.
Add the supplied small sachet of white powder to the water for your bouquet of roses. It contains important nutrients that will keep your roses fresher for longer.
Roses do not like drafts or warm air from the heating system at all. Pay attention to this when choosing the location.

Where do Regionsflorist's roses come from?

Regionsflorist's roses come from growers who specialize in roses. We source the roses for our bouquets directly from the producer. In this way, they get straight to our own flower-making shop, where they are carefully tied into bouquets by our experienced florists. In this way, the flowers are not only particularly fresh. We can also offer you much cheaper than a regular florist. And you benefit twice!

Send a bouquet of roses with personal message

It's true: You can express a lot with just a beautiful bouquet of roses. But we can well imagine that you would also like to address a few nice words to the recipient. Because this is how you make your rose greeting even more personal. This is why you can also enter a message for a greeting card at Regionsflorist during the ordering process. It's very simple: you write down your message and we will print it on a greeting card that will be delivered with the bouquet of roses. Incidentally, this service is completely free of charge! Are flowers and lovely words still not enough for you? We also have various small presents that you can send in addition to your bouquet: a box of heart chocolates for your sweetheart or a cute cuddly bear for a symbolic hug? You decide what you want to make the recipient happy with.

How are the rose bouquets sent?

We send our rose bouquets in special shipping packaging for roses so that the flowers arrive undamaged at the recipient. This packaging consists of a cardboard box with the stems of the roses attached to the ground. So they are stable and cannot move during transport. The roses are also placed in a plastic bag that is filled with water and a special rose food. When it's particularly warm, we also put some ice in the packaging so that it stays nice and cool inside. In this way, the bouquet of roses survives its journey completely unscathed and arrives at its destination in full splendor!

Your bouquet of roses delivered on time

A perfect surprise must of course be well planned: when the flower courier rings the doorbell with a bouquet of flowers on the wedding day or birthday, the joy is all the greater. This is why you can also enter your desired delivery date at Regionsflorist. And we make sure that the recipient receives their roses on time. After our in-house florists have put together your bouquet of roses, it will be sent with DHL - to any desired address in Germany. All you have to do is place your order and pay with immediate transfer, PayPal or credit card. We'll take care of the rest. Practical and uncomplicated, don't you agree?

Do you have any questions about our rose bouquets

Would you like to find out more about Regionsflorist's rose bouquets or do you have a special request? We are here for you! Simply contact our friendly customer service and we will take care of your request.