Send bouquet of flowers

A bouquet of flowers is always a great gift to surprise a loved one. Or just make yourself happy and order a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your home! Are you looking for a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day, do you want to send your best friend a birthday bouquet or do you want to give away flowers as a thank you? At Regionsflorist you will find a suitable bouquet for every occasion. Magnificent red roses, bright sunflowers, beautiful tulips, gerberas in bright colors or carnations in harmonious pastel tones: Browse through our extensive range and choose the bouquet that you like best. Order easily online. We deliver your bouquet with freshly picked flowers to any address in Germany. It’s that easy to give away joy!

How do I order a bouquet of flowers?

It is very easy and uncomplicated to order a bouquet from Regionsflorist. A few clicks are enough and your flower greeting is on its way. Here we explain how it works in six steps:

  • Choose your bouquet or houseplant.
  • Click on “Order”.
  • Add a personal greeting card.
  • Possibly choose a suitable gift.
  • Pay securely with SofortÜberweisung, PayPal or credit card.
  • We will send your bouquet to any address you want in Germany

Order a bouquet with a greeting card

A bouquet of flowers can say more than many words! Nevertheless, you might want to send a personal message to the recipient of the flowers. No problem! Simply use the Regionsflorist's free greeting card service. During the ordering process, a field will appear in which you can enter the message that should appear on the greeting card. We will print out your personal card and send it to the lucky recipient along with the bouquet.

Choose a suitable gift

Do you already know who you want to surprise with a bouquet of flowers? And do you want to put an even bigger smile on the recipient's face with a suitable gift? Then you have come to the right place at Regionsflorist. We have put together various presents for you that are guaranteed to make you happy. Do you know someone with a sweet tooth who you can make happy with a box of chocolates or a bar of chocolate? How about a matching vase for the bouquet? Or would you like to send your birth flowers together with a cute teddy bear for the offspring? Discover the possibilities! During the ordering process, you can choose your suitable gift with just one click.

Flowers with freshness guarantee from Regionsflorist

At Regionsflorist, we of course know that you only want the freshest cut flowers. That is why we offer you a freshness guarantee of 7 days. This means that your bouquet will not only arrive freshly picked, but will also stay fresh for at least a week. How do we do it? With short distances! We source the flowers for our bouquets directly from the flower auction without any intermediaries. We choose the flowers ourselves at the auction. Then they immediately go to our own flower making shop. There, our experienced florists will put together the bouquet you have ordered. Your bouquet will then be carefully packed and sent straight away so that it arrives at the recipient the next day.

How do I find the right bouquet?

Glad you asked! We can reassure you: You can't go wrong with a bouquet of flowers, because everyone is happy about beautiful flowers. But of course we can give you a few tips on which bouquet is best for which occasion.

A red bouquet always expresses passionate love, regardless of whether you are giving away red roses or another type of flower such as tulips or gladioli. Because a red bouquet is a clear message of love, you should be careful who you send the flowers in this passionate color to. In any case, a bouquet of red flowers is the perfect choice for a wedding or Valentine's Day.

A mixed bouquet of flowers in different colors expresses joie de vivre and friendship: The ideal birthday present, as a thank you or as a little encouragement.

Do you know the recipient's favorite flower? A bouquet with your favorite flowers is always a very special, personal gift. On the Regionsflorist website you can easily search for specific types of flowers and display bouquets in which this flower is processed.

What types of bouquets are there?

Would you like to order a mixed bouquet, or would you prefer a bouquet with just one type of flower? At Regionsflorist you have the full choice! There are some types of flowers that also cut a fantastic figure "solo": Depending on the season, you can order a bouquet of red roses, a lush bouquet of peonies, bright sunflowers or a spring-like bouquet of tulips from Regionsflorist!

A mixed bouquet, on the other hand, is composed of different flowers in one or more colors. Due to the composition, the flowers complement each other and in the interplay of colors and shapes each individual flower comes into its own. A special variant of the mixed bouquet is the meadow or field bouquet. A meadow bouquet differs from conventional bouquets in its special shape. It is composed of flowers of different lengths, which creates wonderful effects.

Send cheap flowers

It doesn't have to cost a fortune to surprise someone with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. In the range of Regionsflorist you will find various cheap bouquets, because because we work without intermediaries, we can offer you an attractive price. You can also order most of our bouquets in different sizes. Simply select the smallest variant to save your wallet. Or order our seasonal bouquets, which we always offer at unbeatable prices!

How are the cut flowers delivered

So that your bouquet arrives intact and in perfect condition at the recipient, we pack it in a special box. It works like this: After our florists have completed the bouquet, the stems are placed in a bag filled with water and flower food. The bouquet is then placed in the packaging in an upright position. The flowers are attached to the bottom of the box in such a way that they can no longer move back and forth during transport. That way, the delicate flowers will stay intact. On particularly warm days, there is also some ice in the box so that the bouquet stays nice and cool on the way and does not lose its weight.

How does my bouquet stay fresh the longest

As already mentioned, Regionsflorist offers a freshness guarantee of 7 days. With a little care, you can even extend the life of our bouquets. To do this, just follow the tips below:

Cut the stems of the flowers at an angle before placing them in the vase. A small piece (about 1 cm) is sufficient. This allows the flowers to absorb the water better.
Make sure that there are no leaves or flowers hanging in the water. This means that harmful germs develop faster and attack your flowers.
The water in the flower vase should be room temperature. This is where flowers feel most comfortable.
Change the flower water regularly. Every 2 to 3 days is sufficient.
Put the supplied sachet of flower food into the water. It contains important nutrients that keep your bouquet fresher longer.
Pay attention to the correct location. Your bouquet should not be in a draft or too close to a (warm) heater.

Any questions about our bouquets

Would you like to find out more about what Regionsflorist has to offer or do you have a question, for example about the ordering process or delivery? Then you are welcome to contact our customer service representative. We will take care of your concerns and answer all your questions as quickly as possible.