Small houseplants

Would you like to have more plants in your house but don't have a lot of space? Then small houseplants are ideal for you! You can also use small indoor plants to bring enough greenery into the house because they are easy to place anywhere. Spread these small houseplants in different places in the room so that they form a nice whole. Small indoor plants can be placed anywhere easily and without wasting space. Curious about all of the regional florist's little houseplants? Take a look at our offer here!

Combine small houseplants

The advantage of small houseplants is that you can choose from several because they take up little space. Are there several plants that you like? Combine them with each other and buy a few so that you can enjoy multiple types and not have to make a difficult decision. Take a look at our range for inspiration and to be able to combine a range of plants. Of course, we can also make you a suggestion if you want.

Order your small houseplant from Regionsflorist!

Do you want to buy small houseplants? Order these now from Regionsflorist and everything will be delivered to your home. Is it a gift for someone else? Then enter a different delivery address and surprise the recipient with a cute little houseplant. We send all houseplants quickly and safely!

Take care of your little houseplant with our tips

Would you like more information about the small houseplants most suitable for your situation? Please contact our customer service. We can tell you more about all of our flowers and plants. In addition, our florists will provide a card for each small houseplant detailing how you can take care of that plant. For example, on this map you can see that the plant cannot withstand bright sunlight or only needs water once a week.