Red bouquet

Red is the ultimate color of love. If you want to make a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your loved one, you will quickly think of a bouquet with a certain number of red roses. But there are other red flowers that symbolize love. Because in general, the color red stands for love and also gives the bouquet a warm look. Read more about the red flowers here and discover some interesting information!

Meaning of the color red

The color red is a primary color and many people first associate it with love. But the color is also linked with other meanings. Because it is also associated with heat, energy and passion. And have you ever "looked red" when you were angry? It is also the color of blood and is associated with strength and danger. Did you know that the word red comes from the Indo-European language and means blood? Since human blood is red, we have naturally internalized this color very strongly.

In addition, it is a bold color that is used to attract attention. Take a look around the traffic to see how much red you come across: from the red traffic light, to the red floor markings, to the level crossing cabinets, to the red color in the stop sign. Seeing the red color is a warning sign that we should be careful for a dangerous situation. The color red is also associated with fire and is intended to underline the importance of passion.

The color red has different meanings in different cultures. It is often associated with love, but for example in Korea the name of a deceased person is written in red, in China it is the color for wealth and happiness, while in Brazil and Portugal, among others, it is written in red. stands for hatred and war. So depending on which culture the person receiving the gift comes from, you can convey different messages with the reddish color.

Red bouquet - meaning of color

Back to the flowers. Because even if the color red can be associated with many different meanings, in the world of flowers they are attributed to love. Giving a bouquet of red flowers shows true love and passion for someone. The following applies: the darker the color, the stronger the feelings. With a light red or rather pink you express a beginning love, while with a dark red flower you show how deep your feelings are. Below are some common red flowers and their meanings.

Red roses

Red roses are probably the clearest declaration of love. That's why they shouldn't be missing in a bouquet with the intention of showing your love. For an anniversary, a birthday or just like that, a red bouquet with roses is always appropriate in a relationship. The nice thing about these flowers is also that with the number you can convey another message. We'll tell you about the most important ones here!

  • 3 red roses: With this you say: "I love you"
  • 10 red roses: With 10 red roses you are saying that the person is perfect for you
  • 20 red roses: 20 red roses means you have sincere intentions
  • 30 red roses: How fitting would it be to give away 30 red roses as a token of your steadfast love on your 30th anniversary
  • 40 red roses: 40 roses to show that your love is sincere and sincere
  • 50 red roses: With 50 red roses you declare that you are very happy about your love and that you are in no way sorry about your relationship
  • 70 red roses: With anything over 50, you say that your love knows no bounds
  • 80 red roses: Like 70 red roses, it has no clear meaning, but is perfect for the 80th birthday of your favorite, for example
  • 100 red roses: With 100 red roses you finally declare that your long-term relationship is harmonious and perfect

Red peony

It might not surprise you that the peony gets its name from the time of year it grows. Because the peony blooms, as the name suggests, in the time of Pentecost. As mentioned before, the color red is very important in China and is related to wealth and luck. This symbolism is also associated with the peony. Because they express wealth, prosperity, respect and honor. In addition, like most red flowers, they are also associated with passion.

Red tulips

The meaning of the tulips is not that clear. Because on the one hand you can indicate a fulfilled love, while on the other hand you symbolize a disappointed love. In this latter case, you are actually saying that you think the other person is incapable of real feelings. Therefore, you should always be a little more careful with tulips. But not everyone knows this symbolism of the tulip and will only be visibly pleased to receive a beautiful bouquet of tulips. Here, too, a red bouquet with tulips represents love. Obviously, would you like to flirt with someone? Then give away a colorful bouquet of tulips.

Red hibiscus

The hibiscus comes in over 200 different types. Not only are the species diverse, but also the flowers, which come in many different shades. In addition, the hibiscus flowers are also often used for tea. Not only does it taste good for many, it also has a high content of vitamin C and therefore has a health-promoting effect. But more about the meaning of the flowers and especially the red flowers. A red bouquet with hibiscus flowers often symbolizes delicate beauty, wanderlust, wealth, exoticism, attraction and fame, which also goes perfectly with the color red. So if you want to surprise your loved one spontaneously, a red bouquet with hibiscus is perfect, for example to convey your attraction and a delicate beauty.

Red gerbera

Finally, let's highlight the gerberas. Gerberas are very popular flowers in general. The meaning is much more neutral than that of many other flowers in a red bouquet, because it symbolizes something positive and can therefore be used on many different occasions. It is often said that everything is more beautiful with the person who gets the flowers. This can be the case in romantic spheres, but gerberas are also suitable in friendships. However, you should know that specifically red gerberas are more likely to represent love. Therefore perfect to surprise your loved one. Would you like to give away gerberas to friends or family and just love the red color? Then you can best put together a brightly colored gerbera bouquet and mix the different colors together.

Red bouquet combined with other colors

A red bouquet can also be combined extremely well with shades of pink. Especially when you want to weaken your message of love because you are not ready, but still want to express your feelings with a bouquet of flowers. Because with pink flowers you symbolize a fresh love. If you're somewhere in the middle, you can combine the two colors or go for a weaker red.

But be careful with the combination with white flowers, because if you add a white flower to your red bouquet, you declare war on the recipient, which is also known as the "war of roses". So, if you combine it with white flowers, it is best to immediately combine it with some other flowers and also at least one other color.

A bouquet of red flowers: on what occasion?

A red bouquet is perfect for all occasions that have something to do with love. Your darling will be delighted when he or she is given a bouquet of red flowers as a surprise in the evening. Add a few sweet words and your surprise is perfect. Simply a spontaneous sign of your love, with it you will definitely brighten up your partner's day. Because everyone likes to know they are loved.

Your anniversary is also a suitable occasion to give away a bouquet of red flowers. On the one hand, you show that you remembered this important day and, on the other hand, that you still value the relationship and your love continues. A red bouquet with roses is of course always appropriate, but other flowers such as tulips, gerberas or peonies symbolize love and would therefore be conceivable. Especially if you have been together for a few years, it is a nice gesture to give away as many flowers as the years that you have been a couple. 20 years together means 20 red flowers, while 25 years together asks for 25 flowers.

A red bouquet can also be given away wonderfully on Valentine's Day. If you are not yet together, but you want to show how strong your feelings are and how much you want more between you, you can underline this message with a bouquet of flowers. Since it is still a fresh love, light red or pink flowers are particularly suitable here. But you can also convey a certain sign with the number, for example a red rose says that you have fallen in love with the other person, while with 6 red roses you say that you want to be with them. Do you want to make sure the recipient understands the implicit message? Then you can make it a little more obvious by writing the meaning of the number on the card provided.

A bouquet of red flowers is not only suitable for secret love on Valentine's Day, but also in a relationship it can be a nice moment to linger with your feelings for one another. It may be a small gesture, but it can be a loving confirmation of your feelings for your loved one.

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