Buy a romantic bouquet

Show that you are thinking of someone with a beautiful bouquet that radiates love and attention. With a bouquet you say much more than just words, but with your personal message on our free card you complete the gift.

Which flowers stand for love and romance?

Some types of flowers are particularly suitable for bringing joy to loved ones and expressing affection. Depending on the specific nature of the relationship with the recipient - casual flirtation or deeply felt love - other flowers can be used as gifts. Flower gifts should therefore be chosen with care.

The classic in the flower world of love is the rose.

Its colour plays an important role. In general: the redder the more passionate. The love flower par excellence is the rose. Whether as a single blossom or as a huge sea of flowers. Dark red roses are somewhat more elegant with a touch of restraint. Pink roses are interpreted in their meaning much more reservedly than deep red roses.

In recent years, tulips have also become popular as messengers of love.

With tulips, too, the scale of expression depends on the colour. In principle, the darker the colour, the deeper the feelings to be expressed. Red tulips are suitable as a gift for the life partner, the love partner as an expression of passionate love.

Pink tulips are more reserved and not quite as charged with meaning. Yellow tulips stand for lightness, earliness and cheerfulness, blue and white tulips for fidelity and respect, just like forget-me-nots.