What is a house without flowers or plants? They are perfect to create a cozy atmosphere at home and also they can contribute to the well-being. Whether you have a small or large apartment, a bouquet of flowers has always found a nice place. A great advantage over plants is also that you are very flexible, because you have the opportunity to always buy other flowers in different colors and sizes and sometimes not put any. For fresh flowers you are always right at Regionsflorist, because we have a considerable selection and already have many ready-made bouquets in our offer, so you should not lack inspiration.

Properties of flowers

Flowers are not only a beautiful decoration that many people like to bring into the house, but also offer many great benefits, which we will tell you here.

Better mood: if your living room is decorated with gorgeous flowers, you will probably be overcome with a feeling of happiness. This will lower your stress level and make you feel more relaxed.

The air is purified: Fresh air is important for our health and can be promoted with flowers, as they are able to purify the air. Chrysanthemums and gerberas are especially suitable for this purpose.

Recover faster: you may not expect it, but flowers can actually speed up the recovery process. This is because, as has already been indicated with the first benefit, the happiness hormone is stimulated by flowers, which can bring about a faster recovery. Thus, it is not in vain that flowers are popular to visit the hospital.

Always suitable: Are you looking for a gift? No matter what the occasion, flowers are always right. The colorful flowers can bring across congratulations and love as well as apologies and get well wishes.

They fit in any interior: since flowers come in many colors, you can always find a bouquet of color-matching flowers to your home, so that it harmonizes beautifully and flows in as a perfect decorative element in your home.

Scent: Most flowers smell wonderful, bringing a natural air freshener to your home.


Flowers not only offer many benefits in your home, but often convey specific symbolism. Very well known is probably the meaning behind red roses. If you want to show your partner how strong your love is, you will probably think of a bouquet of red roses. After all, red roses are the symbol of love par excellence. However, other colors and flowers also have a deeper symbolism. For example, the white flowers are often used for bouquets at funerals, while the yellow flowers can express happiness, joy, but also jealousy and envy. Even if they are rather rare, there are blue flowers that you can use to convey loyalty or even hope. So you want to make a special gesture to someone, you can pay attention to the symbolism when you choose a beautiful bouquet of flowers to give. Of course, not everyone values the deeper symbolism, but it is still a nice way to express your feelings without having to find the right words to do so.


Depending on the time of year, some flowers are growing all over the place or not at the moment. Buy some that are very common right now and they will be cheaper than if they are grown in a greenhouse. In addition, they are easier to obtain, since they grow everywhere anyway and do not have to be raised somewhere abroad or from a greenhouse. In addition, it is worth it because they are nice and fresh in season and you can add some variety to your life with seasonal flowers. This way, you'll be able to get different types of flowers faster, so you'll always have something different.

Colors per season

Different flowers grow in each season, but you can also adapt the different colors to the current season. If we just have autumn, yellow, orange and brownish flowers are perfect to get into the autumn mood. In winter, the colder colors or for example white flowers are suitable to create a winter feeling with snow, whereas the warm colors can also be perfect to create a cozy atmosphere. Especially at Christmas, dark red and green are the best colors to inspire a Christmas mood. In spring, the pastel colors are especially beautiful, while in summer, bright colors like yellow with red and pink are suitable.

Popular flowers in our offer

In our shop you will find many different species, which are accordingly related to the season. Therefore, our offer is flexible and you are always able to buy a seasonal bouquet. Of course, you will find roses, tulips and gerberas, but also carnations, chrysanthemums and lisianthus are represented. More a fan of the amaryllis or sunflower? We also offer these in the appropriate season.


All flowers that you order from Regionsflorist have a guaranteed freshness of one week, which means that you can enjoy beautiful, fresh flowers for at least seven days. It would be great if you could even extend this for a few days. Fortunately, most flowers can do this, provided they are properly cared for. We'll give you the most important care tips so that you can also become a professional.

The sooner they get to your home from the country, the longer they stay fresh. You have no direct influence on this, but you should therefore order the flowers from a supplier who can guarantee this. We can do it, so you have come to the right place in this regard. Once you have received the flowers, you are responsible for taking care of them. If they are delivered at a very inconvenient moment, you should by no means simply put the flowers aside quickly and look at them again in a few hours. Instead, you should quickly take a vase and fill it with a little water.

You should cut the stems diagonally so that the flower food and water can be absorbed more easily. You should also make sure that the leaves are not in the water, as bacteria can then attach themselves more quickly and the flowers wither. Don't forget to add some flower food to the water and change the water every 2-3 days if possible or sooner if it makes a dirty impression on you. Last but not least, where you put the vase is of great importance. Flowers do not thrive well in the blazing sun or in a draft. While some species like the sunflower like to get some sunlight, others prefer to be more in the shade.

Flower subscription

As we mentioned earlier, flowers add to the feeling of happiness. So that you can enjoy the magnificent, colorful flowers at regular intervals, you can take out a flower subscription with us. Determine how big, how often and which flowers. You can take out the subscription for yourself, but it can also be a nice gift to set up for a good friend or someone in the family. Because even if, with the right care, they often stay fresh for over a week, flowers are more of a short-lived gift. By giving away a subscription, the person who has been given away can, for example, enjoy the beautifully fragrant flowers anew every month.

Find the right flowers

If you want to buy flowers, then the question is always which one to choose now. The offer is often very extensive, which only increases the agony of choice. So that you can make up your mind faster next time, we've listed a few steps you can use to find the perfect flowers for your occasion:

Which flowers are typical for the season at the moment?
A mixed bouquet or a bouquet with just tulips, roses or gerberas, for example?
Everything in one color or the different colors mixed together?
Convey a certain symbolism or simply combine beautiful-looking flowers?
A small, medium or large bouquet?
How much can it cost?
Only colored flowers or also lots of green leaves?
Easier to care for or more expensive to care for?
Would you like to stay at least a week, or preferably longer?
Include an extra gift
Especially if you want to surprise someone with a surprise, you can make it all the more beautiful by enclosing a small gift. We have a lot on offer for this, such as a bottle of wine, chocolate boxes or a cute teddy bear. So make something special out of your flower greeting and unpack it properly.

Order from Regionsflorist

When you order from us, you can expect fast delivery so that you can soon enjoy the beautiful flowers. If you order for a specific occasion and if the flowers should arrive on a specific day at best, you can give us a preferred date. We try to take this into account and do our best to ensure that the surprise arrives on the right day. In addition, you have the option of including a free greeting card so that you can write some sweet words to surprise you. Think of the symbolism or convey your wishes for congratulations or get well soon.

Once you have completed your order, you can pay securely via PayPal, Sofortüberweisung, Visa or Master Card. Our site has certifications that say it is safe to shop online with us. Are you or the person receiving the gift not satisfied with the quality or delivery? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We will clarify the problems with you and give you a satisfactory solution.