Indoor plants

Would you like to give your living room a fresh look again? In that case, our indoor plants are just right for you. We offer you many different types of plants that are guaranteed to suit every taste and, above all, every living room. Our indoor plants are not only particularly beautiful, they are also very easy to care for. In this way, you can beautify your own four walls very easily and without complications, without having to invest hours of maintenance.

You have the choice!

It really doesn't matter which type of plant you prefer for your living room. Our wide range offers you numerous options to implement everything exactly as you imagine. For example, what do you think of a particularly exclusive pineapple plant? With such a plant you will definitely get some interested looks from your friends. Would you rather keep it a bit more classic? You really can't go wrong with a blue fern in your home. One thing is certain - there is something suitable for you with our houseplants.

The right houseplants for every room

Of course, houseplants don't necessarily have to be in the living room. Other rooms in your home are also often very suitable for a beautiful plant. Many white houseplants are also very popular in the bathroom. A famous example is the classic orchid, which you can use to create a particularly relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. The right houseplants often create a harmonious overall picture in the children's or bedroom too.

Match the houseplants to your interior

Our tip for ordering house plants? Not only do you keep your favorite plants in mind, but also think about how you have furnished your living room so far, for example. Above all, you achieve a coherent overall picture if the color of your flowers and plants also matches your furniture and other furnishings. If you set accents with indoor plants, you can perfectly round off your rooms stylistically.

Order the right plant for your house - with a freshness guarantee

Are you interested in our varied range of house plants? Just take a look around us. We are sure that you too will find a beautiful plant with us. Thanks to our 7-day freshness guarantee, you can always rely on convincing quality. We will also send your order securely packed by DHL on the delivery date you have chosen.

Do you have anymore questions?

Do you still have questions or are you not quite sure which houseplant really suits your living room or your situation? We are happy to help you without any obligation. Simply contact our customer service or send us an email with your personal request. We are looking forward to seeing you!