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Order tulips online (from December to April)

Order beautiful tulips online

You would like to give a great bouquet of tulips to a loved one as a present or you would like to make your family happy with beautiful tulips yourself or ? Then you are exactly right here at Regionsflorist's flower delivery service!

Simply order these popular and colourful tulip bouquets as cut flowers and bring a happy atmosphere into your home!

Bring spring into your home with our tulips

Order from's flower delivery service whenever you want high quality flowers that you will enjoy for a long time.

Order tulips online

Order a beautiful tulip bouquet from the flower mail order service of You can order around the clock, whenever you want. We bring our high-quality flowers to your recipient, if possible on the same day. A flower greeting that you and your recipient will enjoy for a long time.

With their wide range of colours tulips are welcome in every home. They not only dispel the grey of winter, but also delight people with the most varied flower shapes.

Tulips ship to all regions of Germany.

In the 17th century they were an expensive rarity but today they are more than affordable. About 160 different types of tulips are available in many different colours. At you can easily find the right tulips for yourself and your home!

In spring, when the tulips are in full bloom, these colourful flowers will delight the spirits and bring joy to your home. In addition, there are often numerous family celebrations at this time of year, such as Confirmation, das or Communion, where tulips are a fantastic use.

0b as a bound, colourful bouquet or arranged individually, tulips are always a beautiful eye-catcher.

A bouquet of tulips as an ideal gift idea

Who wouldn't be happy about a beautiful spring bouquet of tulips? Give yourself and others this pleasure and order your tulip bouquet online via the BLOOMY DAYS flower mail-order company. Our flowers are absolutely fresh and come to you directly from the field, safely packed and watered, so that the flowers will shine for a long time in your vase!

The right care of tulips

Tip 1 for tulips:
correct cuttingThe stems of tulips should not be cut at an angle but straight, so that the flower can absorb the most water. Leaves that are covered with water in the vase should be removed if possible. This way the tulip can use its energy for the flower. A rather shady place without draughts is best suited for tulips. If they also get plenty of fresh water, you will enjoy them for a very long time!

Tip 2 for tulips:

When the plants are young, they still have closed calyxes. This is not unusual. They unfold their full splendour as soon as they are at home with you. They last a few days longer than when they were already blooming.
Tip 3 for tulips:
Cold water is good for tulips because they die quickly in too warm a water. The soft stems of the tulips then start to rot quickly.
Tip 4 for tulips:
Tulips continue to grow when they are no longer rooted in the ground. The vase should not be too small. Tulips should stand in the vase at least up to the middle of the stem, otherwise the long necks will quickly fall over the edge of the vase and hang down in a bow. A vase with a high neck is ideal.

Tulips in the garden

Tip 1 for tulip plants

If you want to plant tulips yourself, the best time between September and October. Tulip bulbs are best planted in permeable soil. They cannot tolerate stagnant moisture.

Tip 2 for tulips in the garden:

Tulips like the sun. However, the tulip also flowers in a semi-shady place.

Tip 3 for tulips in the garden:

Tulips should be fertilized regularly. Especially when the leaves start to sprout slowly in spring.