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Florists who deliver flowers in Osnabrück

Flower delivery in Osnabrück is a service by Regionsflorist. We deliver flowers in Osnabrück by our 3 local florists. Order before 3PM (local time) for same-day delivery during the week. Regionsflorist delivers in every city in Germany, also Osnabrück. Order online and send your favorite flowers to your friends and family.

How to send flowers Osnabrück

  • Step 1. Select a bouquet
  • Step 2. Select your preferred price
  • Step 3. Place the order online at Regionsflorist

  • Blumen Jeda
    Iburger Str. 78, 49082, Osnabrück

    BLUMEN JEDA -- ein Familienbetrieb seit 1982 festverwurzelt in der Geschäftswelt von Osnabrück. Mit unseren 7 Mitarbeitern sind wir ständig bemüht den Service für unsere Kunden immer noch ein wenig besser zu machen. Groß - und Firmenkunden, Friedhofswelt, Blumenvermittlung in alle Welt, Dekorationen aller Art ( Hochzeiten, Hochzeitswagen mit Chauffeur, Kirchendekorationen, Tischdekorationen etc....

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    Kleine Schulstr. 10, 49078, Osnabrück

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    Bramscher Str. 190, 49088, Osnabrück

Select a florist in Osnabrück

If you want to have flowers delivered in Osnabrück (Germany) and want to select your own florist in Osnabrück, please click the "select this florist"-button next to a florist in our list of florists which deliver flowers in Osnabrück. We will take care of sending your order to the florist you select, and delivery of your flowers in Osnabrück. Our terms & conditions apply to all orders, including those where you have selected a florist yourself. That means you receive are freshness guarantee, perfect service and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Let Regionsflorist pick a good florist in Osnabrück for me

Click on flower delivery and you can have flowers delivered throughout Germany by one of our florists. We will select the most suitable florist for your order based on customer reviews