Meadow flowers

When you hear “meadow flowers” the first thing that thinks of you is a bouquet of cornflowers, poppies and chamomile you picked yourself. But a bouquet of meadow or field flowers can be so much more than that! With its relaxed, informal and creative charisma, the field bouquet has captured our hearts and by storm. It is not for nothing that bouquets of wild flowers are among the most popular flower trends of the past few years. A wildflower bouquet differs from more traditional bouquets in its loose, staggered composition with longer and shorter flowers. Discover on this page the colorful variety of meadow bouquets from Regionsflorist. Did you find your favorite bouquet? If you order it now, you can receive it a day later.

What is a field bouquet?

You can recognize a field bouquet by its special shape and charisma. A field bouquet differs from other, more traditional flower bouquets in the way it is tied. In conventional bouquets, all flowers are often the same length. It's different with a wildflower bouquet: flowers of different lengths are put together to create a very unique composition. This gives the bouquet of flowers a loose, playful look. Meadow bouquets are becoming more popular every year and they are the biggest floristic trend right now.

Why are meadow bouquets so popular?

Perhaps just looking at our beautifully put together field flower bouquets on this page is enough to understand why they are so popular. But we will of course be happy to explain more on this subject! The exciting composition makes a field bouquet a real eye-catcher that you won't get tired of so quickly. A bouquet of flowers in the field looks different from every perspective. In addition, the beauty of each individual flower is shown to its best advantage, because each flower is easy to see thanks to its different lengths. The interplay of colors, shapes and textures creates real small floral works of art in this way. In our assortment, not a single meadow bouquet is the same and each bouquet has its very own, individual look. Which meadow bouquet are you shortlisting? A cheerful, colorful bouquet with flowers from the cottage garden, or a more exotic variant with bamboo and provocative dragon flowers? Take a look at the selection and decide!

On what occasion do I give away a bouquet of flowers in the field?

First of all: Many of our customers simply order a field bouquet to make themselves happy. Who doesn't want such a bright color accent that can brighten up an entire room? In addition, our meadow flower bouquets are also ideal as a festive table decoration, for example to give your garden party or family celebration a special atmosphere. But of course a bouquet of wild flowers is also a great gift for someone you want to please. These colorful and informal bouquets are especially popular with younger people. Give away a bouquet of meadow flowers, for example on a birthday, as a congratulations on the birth or to congratulate a young couple on moving into their new apartment. You are always right with a bouquet of flowers in the field!

How are the meadow flowers sent?

Do not worry! We make sure that your meadow bouquet arrives safely and undamaged at the recipient and does not get out of shape during transport. For this purpose, Regionsflorist uses special shipping boxes for flowers, in which your bouquet is completely protected and well cared for. The flowers are first wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper. The stems are then placed in a plastic bag that contains water and crystal fresh flowers. Finally, the field bouquet is attached to the bottom of the box so that it is stable and cannot move during transport. Your bouquet will survive the transport undamaged and optimally cared for. When it gets a little warmer outside, we also put ice packs in the packaging with your wildflower bouquet so that it stays nice and cool inside the box and the flowers don't wither.

What flowers does a bouquet of flowers contain

A bouquet of flowers in the field can consist of many different types of flowers. What sets it apart from other bouquets is the way it is tied. A field bouquet is composed of flowers with short, medium-long and long stems. Usually a conspicuous type of flower plays the main role: for example lush lilies, radiant sunflowers, colorful gladioli or spherical allium flowers. Different structures bring variety to a bouquet with meadow flowers. Calyx flowers alternate with cup flowers, cheeky brushes, lush flower clusters, butterfly blossoms and beautiful panicles. Various grasses and leafy greens provide more volume. The possibilities are practically unlimited!

Order meadow flowers with a freshness guarantee

Because freshness is our top priority, we at Regionsflorist work with short distances. The flowers for our wildflower bouquets come straight from the grower to our flower making shop. There the bouquets are put together by our experienced florists and then immediately sent to the recipient. In this way we can guarantee that your field bouquet will stay in the vase for at least 7 days. Would you like to enjoy your wildflower bouquet a little longer? Then cut the stems of the flowers at an angle before placing them in a vase of water at room temperature. Make sure that there are no leaves hanging in the water, as this would cause harmful germs to develop more quickly. Either take less water and refill it, or cut off the lower leaves.

A field bouquet with seasonal flowers

As already mentioned, we at Regionsflorist pay particular attention to the freshness of our bouquets. So that you only get the freshest and most durable flowers, we put together our field bouquets from other types of flowers depending on the season. On this page you will always find different bouquets of wild flowers in every season: in spring, for example, with tulips, hyacinths and flowering branches, in summer with peonies and sunflowers and in autumn with asters, sun hat and beautifully colored leaves. So it's worth it if you stop by regularly to check out our current field flower bouquets!

How quickly does the field bouquet arrive at the recipient

We work with DHL to send our flowers. If you place your order from Monday to Saturday, the bouquet will be delivered in 95% of all cases after 1 day. Of course, you can also have your meadow flowers delivered on a specific date. Simply indicate the desired delivery date when ordering - for example a birthday or your wedding day - and we will ensure that your flowery surprise arrives at the recipient on time.

Order a bouquet of wild flowers with a present

By the way, did you already know that you can complete your bouquet at Regionsflorist with a small gift? It works very simply and straightforwardly: During the ordering process, you choose one of our nice presents and we will deliver it to the recipient together with your meadow bouquet. How about a matching vase or an irresistible bar of chocolate, for example? You can also personalize your flower greeting with a few warm words. Enter your message when ordering and we will print out a greeting card free of charge, which we will put in the box with your bouquet.

Any questions about our meadow flowers?

Have you found your meadow bouquet but still want to ask a question about the product? Or would you like to know more about the ordering process? We are here for you! Our customer service staff will be happy to help you and take care of your concerns. We are happy to hear from them!