Mixed bouquet

The first flower is believed to have existed at least 125 to 130 million years ago. Although this flower lived exclusively in water, it can still be classified as a flower category. One can only fantasize about whether living things were already enjoying the beautiful flowers back then. What is certain, however, is that flowers nowadays have an important function in our lives. Because you not only bring a happy atmosphere into the apartments, but also have some positive health benefits. Because plants clean the air and increase the humidity. It also relieves stress, as you can relax while looking at the flowers. But not only the view, but also the scent can contribute to the relaxed feeling.

Whether a bouquet with just the same flowers or a mixed bouquet with a dozen different flowers in several shades - the choice is huge. Whatever you find beautiful, you will find a wide range of mixed bouquets at Regionsflorist. That's why you should definitely find it here. Exceptionally large or rather small and discreet, our range of mixed bouquets is very diverse.

What flowers in a mixed bouquet?

In a mixed bouquet, you can combine many different flowers or use one or two types of flowers in different colors. If you want to choose a colorful mixture of different flowers, you can differentiate both in color and in the types of flowers. It becomes beautifully harmonious when the colors go well together and the different flowers are about the same size. For example, think of roses, carnations and eucalyptus in shades of pink and white, or gerberas, chrysanthemums and other flowers in colors of the season. Yellow, red and orange are particularly suitable in autumn, while in winter you can combine dark red with white and lots of green. This immediately gives a Christmas mood. In spring, the flowers can have a little more colorful colors such as yellow, pink and white or with purple. Even in summer it can be nice and colorful, for example with yellow, red, pink and green.

The bouquet looks more subtle when the flowers are of similar length and literally fit together. Do you prefer something a little less innocent? Then you can also choose a mixed bouquet with many different flower lengths. Alstroemeria, lilies, gladioli, sunflowers, delphiniums and germini can be wonderfully combined to create a playful bouquet. Try to bring longer and shorter flowers together in a bouquet.

Flowers for every season

Most flowers only grow for a certain period of the year. That doesn't mean they won't be available for the rest of the year, but they are more expensive. Flowers that exist all year round include gerberas, carnations, alstromeries and chrysanthemums. Most of the other types of flowers only have one specific main season in which they are widely available. Perhaps your favorite flower will only grow for a short time and you will be disappointed because of it. But you can also see it that way, now it's something special to look forward to. If all the flowers were always available, you would be more inclined to buy the same flowers over and over again. Now you can always try something new.

Colorful or delicately mixed?

Although most colors can somehow be combined with one another, they convey a different effect. While many bright colors come across very brightly together, delicate colors are very subtle. Sometimes a mix of the two is just perfect for your purpose. If you or the person receiving a gift have a certain color in the apartment very often, you can lean on it. Either go for a mixed bouquet of similar colors, or you purposely go for a contrasting color so that the mixed bouquet really stands out.

A mixed bouquet for the home

A mixed bouquet is almost always right. It looks nice and cheerful and finds a nice place in every apartment. It is also an adequate solution if you cannot decide between the many beautiful types of flowers. Because the selection of beautiful flowers is huge and can sometimes make it difficult to make a decision. You take forever and in the end you regret not taking the other flower. A mixed bouquet offers a way out here. Because here you can combine all the flowers that you find beautiful. Of course, you should note that the flowers are somehow beautiful together. If you just make sure that the colors harmonize, you will be one step on the right path. Have no idea which flowers go well together and are you a little overwhelmed when you are spoiled for choice? Then we have carefully put together some standard bouquets for you. Just choose one that you like and wait for your order to arrive within 1-2 working days.

Suitable occasions

Do you have a birthday or just go to visit friends or acquaintances and want to bring something with you, then flowers are always right. Since a mixed bouquet will put you in a happy mood, you can't go wrong with this. Because how nice it is when you open the door and the visitor stands there with a beautifully colored bouquet of flowers. But there are also some other occasions for which a mixed bouquet of flowers is extremely suitable.

Do you have someone in your circle of acquaintances who is sick, injured or has undergone an operation in the hospital? In this case, the person will definitely be happy about a surprise. Whether a card with lovely words, a personal visit or a mixed bouquet of flowers, every slightest sign of compassion is bound to be greatly appreciated. Don't you have time to come by or do you just want to make a little surprise before your visit? Then order a mixed bouquet from Regionsflorist and have it done by the person at home. The fact that it is unexpected makes the surprise and joy all the greater. Write another loving message on the enclosed card and don't forget your name so that the person knows who they owe the beautiful flowers to.

You completely screwed up with a friend, but you feel extremely bad about it and want to start apologizing? In this case, flowers are a great start. Of course, once you've given the flowers away, everything is not so straightforward and should probably start the conversation properly, but you show your will to apologize and in many cases it makes the beginning of a forgiveness easier. Tip: If your counterpart attaches great importance to the symbolism of flowers, you should bear this in mind when choosing your bouquet so that you do not accidentally make a mistake and the forgiveness is only further away than before!

A little extra

The flowers themselves are a great surprise, but with Regionsflorist you have the option of adding a little extra. Think of a bottle of wine, a bar of chocolate or a suitable vase. If the flowers are not enough for you, or you know how much the recipient loves chocolate or wine, you can practically combine the two gifts without having to order them from two different websites. When you order it from us, you can be sure that the two surprises will be delivered at the same time and you don't need to worry about them any further.

Provision of flowers

Especially with a mixed bouquet, it is important to take proper care of the flowers so that they stay fresh as long as possible. You definitely have a 7-day freshness guarantee with us. But with the right care, you can often keep the flowers fresh for a few days longer. Please note the following tips:

Cut the stems of the flowers at an angle before placing them in the vase. About 1 cm is sufficient. This is important so that the flowers can better absorb the water and food.
There should be no leaves or flowers hanging in the water, so that you give the harmful germs less chance of attacking the flowers.
When adding water to the vase, make sure that it is at room temperature, as this is where the flowers feel best.
The flower water should be changed regularly, preferably every 2 to 3 days.
A bag of flower food is always supplied with the flowers. You should definitely shake these into the water, as the important nutrients they contain keep the flowers fresher longer.
If possible, do not put the flowers in a place where there is a draft or too close to the heater. Even in full sun is not good for most flowers.
Order a mixed bouquet from Regionsflorist
The flowers that we offer for ordering are always fresh from the land and, after they have been picked, are immediately tied together in our bindery to form a mixed bouquet. This means that you can always expect the best possible quality and enjoy the flowers for as long as possible. In addition, we sell our flowers at affordable prices as we do not work with a middleman. You can choose from three different sizes, which is why you can also give a small bouquet of flowers.

The ordering process works as follows: Choose your mixed bouquet, add a personal greeting card and pay with Sofortüberweisung, PayPal or credit card. The mixed bouquet will soon be delivered to the recipient!