Buy Amaryllis

For many people, the amaryllis is a well-known plant that can be found in many living rooms. People buy an amaryllis or get it as a gift, for example. It is the ideal plant because, if properly cared for, an amaryllis will last a very long time. So it is possible that the plant will survive the winter with good care. However, it is important that you buy this plant with the correct and high quality. Regionsflorist is the right partner for this. We only get our flowers from the best suppliers - our customers notice that!

Fast delivery

When ordering a new flower, don't wait too long. You also want to avoid a difficult ordering process, of course. Due to our large stocks, we can deliver the most beautiful amaryllis to you very quickly. This way it is possible to have the plant in your home the day after ordering. If you don't like a certain date, you can always choose the time or date you want. In addition to fast delivery, ordering from us is also very easy. That's because we set up the website so that everything is fairly intuitive. So if you are looking for a beautiful amaryllis, you can order one from Regionsflorist.

Caring for the amaryllis

Caring for an amaryllis is generally quite simple, all you have to do is decide where to put the amaryllis in your home. The plant species loves warmth, so it is advisable to place it near a heat source such as a heater. Because of the higher temperature, the plant will root faster, which means that the flower will grow faster and ultimately become more beautiful. When it comes to water, keeping the soil moist is especially important. It is therefore important to check this regularly as the amaryllis need a lot of water during the flowering period.

Buy an amaryllis

Many people have already bought an amaryllis because the plant looks very beautiful and is also easy to care for. We at Regionsflorist can help you decide on an amaryllis. So don't hesitate too long and order a high-quality amaryllis from us!