A colorful bouquet full of carnations

The nice thing about the carnation is that it comes in many different colors, so you can put together a beautiful colorful bouquet with just one type of flower. This type of flower is very popular because of its great diversity and long lifespan. If you want a nice bouquet full of carnations, you can simply take a look at the range from Regionsflorist. We have an extensive range and can put together a beautiful bouquet for you.

How to care for carnations

If you have ordered a beautiful bouquet full of carnations from Regionsflorist, you obviously want the flowers to stay fresh for as long as possible. In addition to the freshness guarantee of 7 days, you can also ensure a longer service life yourself. The right vase is very important. A glass vase is the best option in many cases as it makes it easy to check the position of the water. The vase needs to be half full so pay attention to how much water is left in the vase every day. Use clean water for watering the flowers. Then add the nutrient. If you follow these tips, you can enjoy the beautiful flowers from Region Florist for a very long time.

Order white carnations from regional florist

You can find many different carnation colors at Regionsflorist. The white variety is very popular. The white color goes well with almost any interior. At Regionsflorist you can buy the most beautiful white carnations. In addition to top quality, we also offer fast delivery so that you never run out of flowers and your home is always decorative. So you are looking for a nice bouquet full of carnations? Stop looking and take a look at our range!