Typical winter flowers

In winter we often spend more hours indoors, so it is especially important that your interior looks warm and cozy. Flowers, especially beautiful winter flowers, can help. At Regionsflorist we sell a range of typical winter flowers. An example of a type of flower that you can get from us in winter are tulips. But you can also come to us in winter for the most beautiful gerberas. Regionsflorist is your contact for flowers.

Keep your flowers fresh

Of course, when you order flowers, you want them to stay fresh. Since we are the experts in the field of flowers, we can give you good advice on this. A series of little tips can therefore ensure that the flowers have a much longer lifespan. Using a good vase is the most important thing, choose a glass vase that fits the size of the flowers. You should fill the vase halfway with water so that the flowers always get enough water. This way you can also see how much water is left in the vase. In addition to the vase, it is advisable to mix fresh water with the supplied nutrients so that the flowers can absorb the nutrients they need. However, it is important that you cut off a small piece of the stems when you receive the flowers. With these tips, your flowers from Regionsflorist will stay fresh longer!

Easy to order

It's very easy to place an order at Regionsflorist. For this purpose, we have further optimized our menu for you. In addition, we always ensure fast delivery of the order. When you have found a nice bouquet, it will be delivered to you as soon as possible.