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Winterflowers order online

Order winter flowers online

Spring, summer, autumn and now winter. Dirty weather, snow and cold determine the weather.

Winter flowers are flowers that begin their blooming period at the beginning or end of winter.

Which winter flowers are there?

We present a selection of the most popular winter flowers here.

Christmas star

The poinsettia goes by the botanical name of Euphorbia pulcherrima and is also known by the German names Advent Star, Christmas Star or Poinsettia. It is a spurge species and belongs to the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae). In Germany, the poinsettia is usually kept as an annual houseplant, although in its original form it is neither a potted plant nor an annual. Actually, the poinsettia is a persistent, evergreen shrub from South America.

As with other spurge species, the latex of the poinsettia contains slightly skin-irritating components. Caution: poinsettias are poisonous! After eating them, small pets such as cats, rabbits, birds or hamsters can develop symptoms of poisoning.


The Gerbera is at the top of the popularity scale when it comes to cut flowers. They come in all imaginable colours, but they are most often seen in bright colours. Its flowers vary in shape depending on the variety, but they often share common features. In a vase, they fill the room with colour and in a bouquet, they set the right accents.

Christmas rose

The magnificent Christmas roses come out big when the rest of the garden is in hibernation. Helleborus feel particularly comfortable in airy, semi-shady to shady places. The Christmas rose is also very suitable for the garden and is a grateful plant.

Remarkable: the perennial loves shade and sows itself, which over the years produces magnificent nests.

The Christmas rose flowers mainly in white and pink, but can also change to strong red tones depending on the species. They are a popular Christmas flower and impress with easy care and long flowering in the vase.

Amaryllis: Flowering time December to February

On we go with an absolute darling of the public among the winter flowers. The strong creation is decorated with two to five beautiful and large flowers. The flower colour is mostly red or white. In these colours, the Amaryllis is also preferred for Christmas. It dominates as a picture in the vase and is usually sufficient on its own. Attention: As beautiful as the Amaryllis is, as dangerous it is. All parts of the plant are highly poisonous, especially the bulb, which contains various alkaloids. Even the mere skin contact with the plant can cause irritation.

Flamingo flower

This cut flower is particularly grateful and requires little care. The tropical flower has bright petals and immediately catches the eye. Growers have flooded the market with a large variety of this flower, and so the flamingo flower not only finds room in vases but also in a bouquet or two.

Coral panicle

The stems of the coral panicle are covered with many small flowers and framed by leaves. Christmas time is its high season and so it has appearances in bouquets and table arrangements. They are available in many different colours like white, red or pink. Their stems contain a sticky sap. Since they belong to the spurge family.


When you think of freesias, their incomparable scent quickly gets into your nose. The brightly coloured cut flower comes in many colours and the flower shines at the end of a leafless stem. The flowers open one after the other and stay in the vase for a very long time. There is a great variety of species, so filled freesias are also available. They are popular wedding flowers and so their scent fills many a wedding ceremony.


Callas are real eye-catchers and very popular for weddings and noble bouquets. Their blossoms last very long and are absolutely convincing even without other flowers. They are available in many colours like yellow, red or pink. A white calla is the most popular.


Everyone knows and many love the orchid. The noble flower comes in large and small and countless colours and patterns. With the right care, these plants will last just too long in the vase and delight with their noble flowers. No matter whether single flower or panicle, orchids are simply to be loved. Through years of breeding, this flower is available at a very reasonable price and therefore available for everyone.