Plants for full sun

The location of a plant has a huge impact on its wellbeing. Not every plant likes direct sunlight. Do you have a window on the south side where you want a plant to stand on the windowsill? Then you have to pay close attention to whether it is suitable for full sun. To make this easier, we have collected full sun plants on this page. So you know that you are choosing the right plant!

Plants on the windowsill

Every plant needs sunlight, but one needs more of it than the other. A window sill can therefore be a tricky place for indoor plants. There is a lot of light and there is often a heating system under the windowsill that lets dry, warm air rise. When the sun shines, the window sill turns into a small desert. Not every plant can cope with it. Therefore, choose a plant in full sun for these spots in the apartment. For each houseplant, we therefore indicate where it is best or where it is best. Think, for example, of a partial shade or full sun area.

Full sun plant care

The specific care for each plant is different. Therefore, you should carefully read the product information for each plant. You will find all the information you need with us. In general, a plant in full sun will drink a lot more water than a plant in the shade. A houseplant in full sun will therefore generally require more attention and care. Do you have any questions about caring for the plant? Do not hesitate to contact our plant specialists.

Order plants online

Looking for a nice plant for the windowsill? Order a plant suitable for full sun from Regionsflorist. With us you never have to wait long to receive your new plant.


Would you like more information about the plants for full sun before ordering? Do not hesitate to contact our plant specialists. You can contact our staff using the contact form. Our staff can tell you all about the plants for full sun. Leave the order number if you already have it. We can then answer your question even faster.