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A seasonal bouquet every 2 weeks

Choose your desired price (per 2 bouquets) and the number of months of the subscription. Default is 6 months.

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7 days freshness guarantee
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This product will by delivered by mail. Price includes VAT and excludes 5,95 € delivery- and ordercosts.

Product information


Automatically send a beautiful hand tied seasonal bouquet every 2 weeks to family members like parents, grandma / grandpa, friends or for yourself. Every two weeks a wonderful surprise!

Ordering is easy:

Step 1 - Choose your preferred format

Step 2 - Choose number of months (default 6)

Then simply complete your order, possibly add a vase to the first delivery, and follow the steps when ordering.

You can choose a delivery day from the week (for example a Wednesday). Each delivery will take place on the chosen day, every 2 weeks.

Price includes shipping and is for 4 weeks (so 2 ​​deliveries).


The flowers will be well packed, shipped on water and delivered by DHL. The flowers stay fresh for a long time, because they come directly from the land from Dutch growers.

Seasonal bouquet:

The skilled florists of the flower bindery will design a beautiful bouquet in their own style with the freshest seasonal flowers available in the flower studio. Pictures serve as an example of the variety of bouquets. Be surprised by the florist's specialty!

Am I getting exactly what I see here?

This bouquet is professionally made by trained florists in our own workshop. We tie the bouquets with the photographed number of flowers. Please note: flowers are a natural product. Our "Seasonal Bouquets" come in the chosen colours with flowers depending on seasonal availability. Each flower is unique. Their appearance may differ in colour and shape from the one on the photo. The vase in the photo is not included in the price, but can be booked with the order.

Delivery DHL

The delivery time of DHL is 1-2 working days. We ship 1 business day before your chosen delivery date. In case of a delay at DHL, delivery can take 2 or more days. The selected delivery date is not a guarantee. In 97% of all cases DHL can deliver within one business day. On islands or border areas it often takes 2 working days or longer as standard.

What size should I choose?

Many bouquets are available in: small has an average size of 20-25 cm; normal: means an average size of 25-30 cm and large: represents 30-35 cm. Funeral bouquets excepted