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Gerbera for Valentine's Day

Valentinstag Gerbera schenken

Our care tips

The Gerbera is a very delicate plant, it tolerates only gentle handling. On the one hand, it does not tolerate any great heat and is not exposed to direct sunlight.

The earth is never allowed to dry out, it is important to keep the plant in a place where it is exposed to at least a few hours of direct sunlight.

If you want, the Gerbera can also plant in the garden. They bloom from april to october, and here, too, one should make sure that they find a shady spot and are not necessarily exposed to the loud midday sun, since it burns easily.

There are some varieties that can withstand cold down to minus 5 degrees. If it gets colder, you should cover it, however, to have something of her next year.

The stem of the gerbera is sensitive when it is in the vase. Therefore you should pay attention that there is not too much water in the vase so that the stem does not soften and the plant dies.

If the water is correct (only about 1-2 cm high), the handle should still be regularly cut to ensure a good water supply.

Our summary:

Location: likes sun, but can not be exposed to greater heat or the midday sun

Pouring: The soil should be regularly kept moist. During the resting period irrigation is sufficient every 2 weeks.

Fertilizer: The active wax phase should only be fertilized once a week.