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Give roses to Valentine's Day

Valentinstag Rosen schenken

Our Care Tips

Roses probably have the clearest message in the world of flowers. But did you know that there are almost 30,000 different types of roses? Here you can find out more about the care and handling of the popular plant.


Roses are plants that need more nutrients than others. So you should pay attention to nutrient-rich soil and give good fertilizer, so that they can flourish beautifully. Recommended is organic fertilizer.

The rose also needs a lot of sun and is ambitious in the choice of location. It should be quite airy and needs about 4 hours of sun a day. There should be sufficient space for the root drive. In the pot they need about 50 cm space down.


First, it is important that roses are planted in a humus-rich soil. This stores water and the nutrients do not leak. Compost fertilizer is highly recommended as it contains many important nutrients and is also organic.

In the year of planting fertilizer feed is not necessary, which when planting with embedded fertilizer reaches the plant as a basic nutrient. From the second blooming year, however, should be regularly re-fertilized.