Traditions of the bridal bouquet

The tradition of flowers at the wedding goes back a long time. Even the Greeks used flowers as wreaths for both the groom and the bride. However, the wearing of a bridal bouquet has only been added since the Renaissance. The bridal bouquets used to look very different. Because herbs like rosemary, dill and garlic were used more than flowers. The strong scents were supposed to keep the evil spirits away and prevent the bride from fainting, as the air in the church at that time was very uncomfortable due to poor hygiene. The hygiene standards improved over time, but the tradition of the bouquet of flowers for the wedding was preserved. It evolved into a lush bouquet of flowers intended to express happiness, wealth and the diversity of married life.

Nowadays the bridal bouquet is simply used for decoration. It is often a bit more subtle and should be in harmony with the dress and the rest of the decoration. The bouquet is held in the right hand. There is actually a simple reason for this: the bride is holding the groom's hand with her left hand. Because in the early days, the groom still carried a sword or a saber in order to be able to protect his bride if necessary. Therefore he should keep his left side free so as not to injure the bride if he should quickly access his sword or saber.

A final tradition that we introduce here is the throwing of the bridal bouquet. This tradition comes from the USA. It is well known that the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next to get married. Who finds it a shame to throw the bridal bouquet - z. B. because you would like to let it dry up and then put it up as a decoration - you can also have an extra bouquet made for it, which is used for throwing the bridal bouquet.

Who will buy the bridal bouquet?

Traditionally, the groom buys the bridal bouquet for the bride. The bride has no idea what the bridal bouquet will look like and should trust that the groom knows her taste. Because only in front of the altar or when the groom picks her up from her parents do she get the flowers. Nowadays it is not always done this way, but if you like the idea, it is of course nice to leave it to the groom. So that the flowers match the color of the bride's dress, you can give the groom a small piece of the material of the dress so that he can take this into account when choosing. Another option is for him to take someone who has already seen the dress. So he can choose the perfect bridal bouquet for her dress without you having to reveal what your dress will look like.

As already mentioned, nowadays it is no longer customary for the groom to choose the bridal bouquet, but the bride either does it herself or you do it together. After all, the bride knows best what suits her dress and taste. In this case, the bridal bouquet is immediately taken to the wedding and not presented in front of the altar.

Planning the perfect bridal bouquet

So that you can put together the perfect bridal bouquet for your wedding, you should start planning in good time. First of all, write down which flowers you would very much like to see back in your bridal bouquet. If you have no idea in this regard, you can first get inspiration from sample bridal bouquets. It is also good to write down which flowers are not allowed in the bridal bouquet under any circumstances. Then you should find out whether the flowers you want can actually be delivered in the season of your wedding. If you are unsure about this, please feel free to contact us for advice.

The next step is to plan which flowers you want to have in your bridal bouquet and how many of which. It is best to do this after the dress has been established, so that you can be sure that the flower colors actually match your dress and that the colors do not clash. You can also take into account which other flowers you will use as decorations. As soon as you have made a definite decision, you can order the bouquet so that you can check it off the list.

Which flowers do you use for the bridal bouquet?

The choice of flowers is very important for the bridal bouquet. On the one hand you should choose flowers that you find beautiful and on the other hand you can pay attention to the symbolism. Here is a selection of the most popular wedding flowers and their meaning:

Roses: love; white rose: purity; red rose: passion and desire

Gypsophila: purity of heart and total surrender

Chrysanthemum: persistence

Eucalyptus: cleaning power

Gerbera: beauty

Lily: innocence, virginity, purity

Lavender: purity and memory

Lily of the valley: love, happiness and purity

Tulip: affection and love

Ranunculus: attraction

Peony: love, wealth, feminine beauty and protection

Once you have a clue about the flowers, you can start thinking about the shape of your bridal bouquet. Big, small, wide, narrow, lots of flowers, few flowers - there are many different options. The best thing to do is take a look at all the possible styles and make a selection which you find most beautiful. Then, once you've decided on the flowers that should definitely come back, you can use them to see what shape they look best on. We would like to introduce you to a few variants:

Biedermeier bouquet: This is the classic among bridal bouquets: It is small, round and easy to hold. It looks very timeless and expresses that life together should be colorful, varied and at the same time informal and familiar. Among other things, roses, hydrangeas and anemones get along great here. It goes well with all wedding dresses.

Scepter bouquet: This shape is one of the most extravagant of all. It is shaped by an extra long stem with a round or spherical head. A bride who carries a scepter bouquet shows that she can stand by her husband's side with confidence or independently. Roses, callas and orchids come into their own here. Perfect with a simple dress.

Waterfall bouquet: This bouquet looks - as the name actually suggests - like a waterfall. The base of this bouquet is actually round, like e.g. the Biedermeier. However, wires are used to drain the flowers downward, like in a waterfall. With this bouquet you show that you are looking forward to a lively, surprising and refreshing married life. For the choice of flowers you can think of roses, orchids or freesias, among others. They are particularly suitable for long women or brides with a train on their wedding dress. Since it is very noticeable, you should make sure that it harmonizes with the dress.

Bouquet of drops: This bouquet is often compared to the bouquet of waterfalls because it is literally similar: the flowers are arranged similarly. However, it ends up being pointed, which is different from the waterfall. Because it is a little more discreet, it is perfect for a quieter woman who has the reins in her hand, but can also let go and thus has confidence. You can use almost anything for the flowers, but roses, lilies and callas, for example, are beautiful. This bouquet also works best with a dress with a train or with tall women.

Rosenherz: There is hardly a bridal bouquet that embodies love more clearly. To achieve that certain something, you should play with the colors and let the flowers shine harmoniously with each other and with your dress. Of course you use roses as a flower for this. You can determine the color yourself. Depending on the size of the rose heart, it goes perfectly with tight dresses or a dress with a hoop skirt.
Finally, the color of the flowers is also important. Traditionally there are often many white and cream tones for the wedding flowers. But shades of purple, red and pink also go very well with the bridal bouquet. Blue tones express loyalty and calm and are therefore also very suitable. In the end, it doesn't really matter what color the flowers are, as long as you are overjoyed with them. If you become happy with a brightly colored bridal bouquet and find the traditional one too simple and rather boring, then you are of course free to choose a very brightly colored bouquet for your wedding. Because it's your big day and you should feel comfortable with it!

Tip: You will probably not only have a bridal bouquet, but also other bouquets for decoration. To make the whole thing uniform, it is nice when some flowers and colors are the same. Of course, the bridal bouquet should be a little more special so that it pops out. So that you can coordinate it with each other, it is best to plan all the flowers at the same time so that you have an idea of ​​what to expect from the bridal bouquet and the other flowers.

Buy the bridal bouquet at regional florist

Do you know exactly which bouquet you like and want to proceed to the order? If you would like to order one of the ready-made bridal bouquets, you can do this easily via the website. If you understandably would like to put together your own personal bouquet, please feel free to contact us to talk about the possibilities. We are also happy to advise you in order to help you find the perfect bridal bouquet. Simply contact our customer service in this regard.

Ordering a bridal bouquet from Regionsflorist is very easy. You simply choose the day you want and you can be sure that you will receive the freshest flowers. In addition, a wedding involves a lot of work. This sometimes makes it difficult to find enough time for the bridal bouquet. Ordering a bridal bouquet is therefore very popular. In addition to the fact that you can have the bouquet delivered to your home, you also have the option of having it delivered directly to the wedding venue.