Orange Flowers

A mix of yellow and red makes the beautiful orange color. Orange flowers exude the warmth of the red flowers and the cheerfulness of the yellow flowers. The orange color is often associated with autumn. This is not for nothing, because in autumn you can actually find many shades of orange such as: orange-colored leaves falling from the branch, the edible pumpkins as well as the pumpkins for Halloween decorations and the fire in the fireplace, which is kindled again more often in autumn. But the orange flowers are also well received in the other seasons. Because the happiness and warmth of the orange flowers is always right.

Importance of color

The orange color embodies many meanings. Orange can be seen as a kind of intermediate state in many situations. As a result, it symbolizes both the end of something old and the beginning of something new. Some situations might come to mind right away. Just think of a traffic light. Regardless of whether it turns green or red, it always turns orange first. If you wait in front of the red light, the orange is a sign that the wait is over and you can start driving.

The orange leaves in autumn also indicate a kind of intermediate state. Because through the orange leaves you know that the end of summer is just around the corner. At the same time, the beginning of autumn, of the colder months, is announced - that is, a beginning. It works the same way with sunrise and sunset. The orange promises the end or the beginning of the day or night.

Meaning of orange flowers

The orange flowers convey different meanings. Some resemble each other with the yellow and red flowers, but they also have some separate meanings. Like the yellow flowers, the orange flowers make you think of the sun, because they radiate warmth and make you shine yourself. Therefore, orange flowers are often associated with joy, happiness, zest for life, energy, optimism and happiness.

Another important meaning of orange flowers is growth. Whether in your professional or private life, you can celebrate milestones with orange flowers. In addition, they express endurance and strength and are therefore classified as a very strong color.

What orange flowers are there?

Whatever orange flowers you order, happiness is always guaranteed. Whether gerberas, roses, tulips or chrysanthemums, many flowers are available in orange. So that you can get to know some interesting flowers and their meaning, we are going to introduce you to some orange flowers below.

Chinese lantern flower

A very typical flower in autumn is the lantern flower. As the name suggests, this is a flower with orange lanterns. The main flowering time is between July and September, i.e. late summer and early autumn. At first there are just star-shaped flowers in creamy yellow. After flowering is complete, the sepals grow together nicely and look like the distinctive orange lanterns. Slowly the leaves will wither and the flower will become skeletal. Now the little fruits inside are revealed.

They are beautiful flowers to have in a vase as dried flowers throughout autumn and winter. But it is also a wonderful cut flower to give away. Because the lantern protects the fruit inside and therefore the lantern flower is associated with symbols such as protection, security and comfort.

Orange orchids

The orange orchids convey enthusiasm and fearlessness, but energy, warmth and growth can also be associated with this flower. The advantage of orchids is that they stay fresh much longer than most cut flowers. It is therefore particularly suitable as a long-term gift.

Orange roses

Of course, the orange roses shouldn't be missing. Like the classic red roses, they can be seen as symbols of passion, but less powerful. In addition to the romantic occasion, orange roses can also be given away to friends and family. They show support when you want to show that you are there for someone. You can also give away orange roses to express your gratitude. To say that you or the other person is always in a good mood, orange roses are also perfect. Because the flowers radiate cheerfulness, optimism and energy by themselves. Therefore, orange roses will always go down well in a happy situation.

Orange chrysantheum

With the orange chrysanthemums you symbolize a feeling of tender love and, like with the yellow flowers, you can allude to happiness and eternity. This is why these flowers are particularly suitable when the love relationship deepens, but you want to give away something other than just red roses.

Orange gerbera

Gerberas are colorful flowers that exude joy. A bouquet with gerberas symbolizes friendship and sincerity. Not only great to give away, but at the same time very delightful to receive. The orange gerbera conveys strength and is encouraging. So perfect if you want to wish someone luck and success with pleasure.

Seasonal orange flowers

Buying seasonal flowers has a number of advantages. First, it's often cheaper than the non-seasonal flowers. Because the latter have to be grown in greenhouses or brought in from abroad, which is much more expensive than buying flowers that are growing in the season. In addition, you could face delivery problems as it is difficult to get hold of the non-seasonal flowers.

It could also be nice not always to buy the same flowers, but to always have a little variety. If you only buy flowers of the season, they are also a little more special and you will be extra happy when your favorite flower is finally back. The wait will be worth it as you will be able to enjoy the beautiful flowers again within a short time!

Last but not least, the colors often go well with the respective season. For example, as already mentioned, orange flowers are a perfect color for autumn. And especially in autumn you can find a lot of orange flowers.

On which occasion are orange flowers a suitable gift?

If the flowers are orange, they are perfect, for example, to give to someone who is just beginning or ending a beautiful or important phase of life. You can both wish someone luck in their new challenge and congratulate someone on a certain event.

Since the orange flowers convey happiness and joie de vivre, they are also very suitable to give away to friends. If you go to visit friends or have a birthday, then orange flowers are very suitable. The recipient will certainly be delighted with the cheerful flowers. Even if they are sometimes given away in love relationships, they are much less connected to love than the red flowers. Therefore, orange flowers are very appropriate in the circle of friends and are often given away.

Being sick is not nice for anyone. Especially when you live alone, you quickly feel lonely. After a few days, a great surprise that can brighten your mood is very welcome. Therefore, you can help a friend by sending colorful flowers. Since we can often deliver an order the next day, you can organize this at very short notice. Not only at the moment of delivery, but also in the days after, the flowers can amuse the recipient. For this to work properly, you should opt for brightly colored flowers that promise happiness, warmth and optimism. Orange flowers can be associated with any of these symbols, making them the perfect choice. Especially in combination with yellow, pink and red they give warmth and happiness. What more do you need to recover quickly?

Yellow and orange flowers

Yellow and orange flowers go perfectly together in a bouquet. Because the color yellow stands for cheerfulness, fame, strength and energy, which goes well with the symbolism of the orange flowers. A bouquet with orange and yellow flowers is therefore extremely powerful. However, it is important that the highest quality flowers are beautifully combined in a bouquet. At Regionsflorist, we know exactly which flowers go well with each other, so that you always get the most beautiful bouquets from us.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift

Are you looking for a bouquet to give away? Then you've come to the right place! We at Regionsflorist can put together a great bouquet for you. We also have gifts that you can add to your order. A wonderful bar of chocolate for those with a sweet tooth or a tasty bottle of wine for wine lovers, we have a lot on offer. A suitable vase is also part of the selection, which really shows off your orange bouquet.

When you order a bouquet from us, you can be sure that it will arrive on time. We also only deliver the best flowers to our customers. You also get a 7-day freshness guarantee. This means that the flowers will look fresh for at least a week, and longer if properly cared for.

Whether you order the flowers for yourself or for someone else, you will find a comprehensive range of orange flowers with us. The offer adapts to the season, which means that every season you will find different bouquets with orange flowers with us. Our orange flowers are often mixed with yellow, red, salmon color and pink, as these colors can be combined extremely beautifully.