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Even if it doesn't feel like it yet in November: The Advent season is approaching, the time of arrival, the time for reflection and joy for Christmas. Traditionally, the last 4 weeks until Christmas are counted with an Advent wreath. On the fourth Sunday before Christmas, the first candle on the Advent wreath is lit. That is at the end of November so far. Send an Advent greeting to your loved ones, perhaps with an Advent wreath, to keep this tradition alive. And every time a candle is lit, there is always a beautiful moment to think of the one you love...

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The Origin of Advent Decorations

The customs of the Advent season are mostly of religious origin and are deeply rooted in our Christian society.

In Advent season Advent wreaths decorate the table and everywhere in the country lights shine in the windows during the long winter nights.

However, how did the Advent wreath develop?

Many sources connect the Advent wreath with an orphanage in Hamburg in the middle of the 19th century. The theologian Johann Hinrich Wichern placed a candlestick with 23 candles in the prayer room to count the days until Christmas. The candlestick had 4 large thick candles for Sundays and 19 smaller candles for weekdays. The lights should be symbolized in the time of waiting for Christmas and the arrival of the light by the birth of Christ.

The Advent candelabra can thus be seen as a model for today's Advent wreaths.

In some regions, the Advent wreath is still called Advent chandelier.

An Advent candlestick consists of a wooden tire, on which 4 candlesticks are fixed like on today's Advent wreath.

The wooden hoop is hidden with pine green, which is bound with wire. Wooden figures, angels, gnomes, fruit representations decorate the hoop. Candles or tea lights are attached to the holder.

These Advent candlesticks are especially found in the Erzgebirge mountains and are decorated according to the traditional art of carving and turning. Here also traditionally the red candles are fastened to the wreath which many of us connect with the Advent wreath.

Covering for an Advent candlestick or wreath with 4 candles exists since 1860. And only since about 1920 one finds the wreaths also in churches as decoration. And today there is even a rite for the blessing of the Advent wreath. The Advent wreath is, therefore, a relatively fresh custom and has nothing to do with the original church.

meaning and interpretation

The green of the fir branches is often interpreted as a symbol of hope. The light of the candles as a symbol for the light that promises the birth of Jesus Christ is obvious. The weekly surname of the light illuminates the long wintertime and shortens the time until Christmas.

lighting candles is a beautiful ritual that reminds many of us of childhood. It is also celebrated in many Advent songs and has never lost its fascination for many adults.

Advent candle

An Advent candle and a flower arrangement is an elegant way to celebrate the Advent custom if you don't want to put up a wreath. At least an Adventsgesteck should be missing in no household as decoration. You find many adventlike possibilities in our catalog Christmas season.