Red Roses for Valentine's Day - The Classic

Roses for Valentine's Day have always been considered the epitome of romance.

Classic as a deep red rose bouquet or imaginatively bound with additional cut green - roses make their grand entrance on Valentine's Day. Red is simply the colour of love.

But when it comes to the question of the right Valentine's Day flowers, one thing always applies: Anything that pleases and gives long-lasting joy is allowed.

Besides roses, bouquets of red lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums or orchids are also suitable. Choose what the presentee likes.

Send flowers for Valentine's Day: In a bouquet or as a single flower?

Sending flowers for Valentine's Day is always a pleasure for the recipient.

Whether a bouquet of roses or a single flower is more suitable for Valentine's Day is ultimately a question of taste.

If the Valentine's Day gift is to be a friendly gesture or symbolise love for your child, a single flower is sometimes more suitable than a lavish bouquet.

For lovers, the number of roses can also have individual meaning. For example, it can be chosen according to the number of years spent together. At you can determine the size of the bouquet.

Send flowers for Valentine's Day on the desired date

Sending flowers for Valentine's Day is easy online at If you place your order early, we will deliver your flower message on the desired day to the address of your choice. Become an ambassador of love. A personal greeting message with every order will make your romantic Valentine's Day bouquet an irresistible love message.