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Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's Day with

Flowers are a traditional gift to surprise the lover or the lover. What more does "I love you" or "I think of you", than a little attention like a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates?

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You want to play it safe? Here you can find out more about the meaning of some flowers and their colors:

How Valentine's Day arose

Nowadays frowned upon as an invented day of the flower industry, the Valentine's Day actually has a widespread and rooted history of Christianity:

The origin of Valentine's Day begins in the 3rd century and goes back to St. Valentine.

Bishop Valentin of Terni lived in Italy at the time, and was known for his love of flowers from his own garden. On the other hand, he secretly married couples with a Christian faith. However, Christianity was forbidden at the time, since the Emperor felt that men gave better soldiers than their husbands.

Despite his good position to the then Emperor Claudius II Valentin was executed in Rome in 269 AD because of his deeds.

100 years after his death, Valentin was canonized - 200 years after his death, Pope Gaelius officially named Valentine's Day on February 14th as a religious Valentine's Day.

How is Valentine's Day celebrated?

Valentine's Day is popular throughout the world, celebrated by loved ones, but there are regional differences.

In England, for example, anonymous love letters are sent and (finally) admits his love.

In the US, you can buy greeting cards with little love messages - who has gotten more at the end of the day, is considered the most desirable.

In most parts of Europe, however, little attention is paid, such as Flowers or chocolates to make the loved one happy.

In Japan women give their men homemade chocolate and another small attention.

The special thing is, however, that the man the day after Valentine's Day (also called "White Day") a present their women, which is three times as valuable as the gift, what they received one day before.

Facts about Valentine's Day

  • On Valentine's Day, Verona receives about 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet (the hometown of Romeo and Juliet).
  • In 1868 Richard Cadbury introduced the box of chocolates for Valentine's Day.
  • More than 36 million heart-shaped chocolates are sold on February 14th.
  • According to a popular belief, a young girl will marry the man she first sees on Valentine's Day. This is why young men who are willing to give presents a bouquet of flowers early in the morning.
  • Each year about 1 trillion valentines day cards are sent worldwide.
  • Approx. 85% of Valentine's Day cards are bought by women.
  • Worldwide more than 50 million roses will be given away on February 14th.
  • 73% of Valentine's Day flowers are bought by men, 23% of women.
  • The rose is and remains the favorite among the cut flowers. In Germany it accounts for more than one third of the flowers sold. Followed by the tulip and the gerbera.
  • Very handsome: 43 per cent of the French people spend between 50 and over 100 euros for a suitable Valentine's day gift. The British still invest between 26 and 100 euros. Over half of the Germans are only about 10 to 25 euros.
  • With sweets, especially chocolate, Valentine's Day over 1 trillion dollars are made.
  • In Japan on 14 February the husbands, male colleagues and bosses of the women are presented with chocolate. For this they get white chocolate a month later. The 14th of March is called White Day in Japan or St. White Day, so the white chocolate.
  • About 9 million Americans buy Valentine's Day gifts for their pets.