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Custom of Valentine's Day

Valentinstag Blumen schenken mit Regionsflorist

Flowers on valentines day. Is not this going back to a clever business idea?

Flowers, a romantic dinner or even a short trip - lovers, on the 14th of February a lot can come to the pleasure of the partner. February 14 is known in many parts of the world as a day of lovers. A common rumor says the florists had invented Valentines Day, after all they make a worthwhile business on the day of the lovers. The custom, however, has a different origin. There are different views on the origin of Valentine's Day and the custom of giving flowers away.

  • Saint Valentine, who was a Christian couple, should have given his name to the feast.
  • Even the French song of low choral singing and his love-lyric might have produced the valentine's customs.

Old custom - to celebrate love

The valentine's consumption is already old. Another assumption is that valentine's customs only appeared in the 14th century and thus over 1100 years after the fabled bishop Valentin and his commitment to the loved ones. The chorus of song, which emanated from France, and his love-lyric, might have produced the customs of the valleys. At that time, a new angle of view emerged for the woman, who was associated with a higher respect for the female sex. This tradition was first to be introduced by the nobility, and later on to the bourgeoisie, and have become a habit.

New custom - show love with love - flowers have a meaning

But why the Valentine's Day disappeared again at least in Germany until after the Second World War is unclear. It was not until the fifties of the last century that Germany gained in importance again. It is probably connected with the economic miracle and the associated prosperity that the Valentine's Day after 1950 again regained its importance. At least here the florists with advertising should have significantly helped.

Romantic love confessions and small attentions

But honestly, even if Valentine's Day is an idea of the flower industry - this day is much too beautiful to forgo. And so every year on 14th February, we are happy to let our loved ones once again celebrate their love for us - and, on our part, revenge us with romantic affections and small attentions.

Men are not creative at all, but Valentine's Day presents them with flowers, jewelry, a heart of chocolate, beauty products or a romantic outing.

And we can betray one thing. Flower delivery is actually never wrong. A loving text about it and let's go. If you absolutely do not like flowers, you must avoid another Valentines gift. Flowers, jewelry, a heart of chocolate, beauty products or a romantic trip. Do you have a secret wish list for February 14th? A romantic dinner or a couple photo shoot with your loved one?

No matter if you burn for Valentine's Day or if you can do without him confidently, it completely uncool finds. Everyone can celebrate Valentine's Day as he or she would like. We wish you a beautiful and romantic Valentine's Day!