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Flower presses on Valentine's Day

Bl├╝ten richtig pressen

Press the flowers correctly

Did someone give you a very special flower and would you like to remember? With the following tips and tricks, you can preserve the joy of your flowers. Or you want to be creative and embellish personal things with blossoms, the flowering method has many application possibilities.

Here we present the method of pressing using a book.

How do I proceed?

First, look for a thick book from your shelf (the best one, with wavy sides not annoying - the flowers but moisture off). Open the book and place two sheets of paper on each side so that the moisture can be absorbed better. Afterwards you can collect a flower of your choice from field or garden, alternatively a flower can be purchased. Make sure that the flower is dry (so no dew or other sticks to it, which lengthens the process). Place the flower about in the middle of the book and close it. Complain the book with other books or other heavy objects and place it in a dry place.

Tip: Replace the paper regularly

After a few weeks, the flower is dried. Take special care when removing the flower, as it is very fragile and fragile.