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Flowering period over Valentine's day

Valentinstag - Blumen beginnen zu bl├╝hen

Flowering periods?

There are thousands of different varieties of flowers which, of course, do not bloom at the same time. The native flowers can be divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Spring (March-May):

Iris, march cup, night violet, turkish poppy, poppy, pomegranate, tulips, daffodils, ranunculus, primroses, pansies, bell flowers

Summer flowers (June-August):

Flower petals, petals, marigolds, red yarrows, herbaceous plants, marigolds, red yarrow, perennial peaks, goslings, dhalias, gladioles, bell flowers, begonia, petals, flower orchids

Autumn Blower (September-November):

Dahlias, autumnal oktoberfest, october stonebreak, autumn alps, autumn anemone, autumn blues, indian flowerpot, autumn chrysanthemums, garden dahlia, fat hen, Crocus, October stonebreak, autumn-timeless

Winter Blower (December-February):

Christrose / Stockrose, Snowdrops, Winterlings, Winter Snowball, Winter Jasmine, Snowheide, Zaubernuss