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Home plants for Valentine's Day

Valentinstag Zimmerpflanzen schenken

Do I care for my houseplant?

Flowering plants come mostly from warm regions and prefer the local climate. That is, they love the sun and regularly need water.

Green plants are easier to clean. In winter, the leaves grow slightly, but they are never bald. Which location is the right one is often different depending on the type of plant.


Before watering you should always feel the moisture of the earth; The dry upper layer is not always decisive here, the underlying layers are often still sufficiently watered.

If water is nevertheless watered, it can come to stunts and the roots mold and die off.


Plants absorb the oxygen necessary for them through their leaves. Accordingly, the leaves should be regularly dusted and dusted with water.


By fertilizing, the plant remains healthy longer and is resistant and is absolutely recommended.


The repotting is like to forget, but is essential for the growth of your plant! Over the weeks and months the roots grow proportionally to the height of the plant in order to absorb enough water and nutrients. If the roots are too long, but the pot is too small, the plant enters and is dried up. For plants which have already grown, it is recommended to repot after a period of 2-3 years in order to supply the plant with new soil. After repotting you will see that the leaves become bigger and stronger.