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Valentine's Day in other countries

Other countries other manners

The Valentine's Day on 14th February is considered a day of love in some countries. Valentine's Day is the day of the lovers - not only in Germany, but in many countries around the world. Flowers, poems, kisses and proofs of love - on the 14th of February, all this belongs.

Some consider Valentine's Day as an invention of florists and jewelers - but he is not. In England it has been celebrated since the Middle Ages. How the Valentine's Day has come about exactly is unclear. On the 14th of February, the Romans celebrated the flowering of all female family members. It is possible that the churches have reinterpreted this original custom, and the story of this day is usually traced back to a Christian martyr named Valentinus (according to Valentin von Terni or Valentin von Viterbo), who, according to tradition, died for their faith. Valentin of Terni is a saint in the Roman Catholic Church, who is also revered as a patron saint of the loves. The memorial day was introduced by Pope Gelasius I. 469 to the whole Church. Officially the church holiday was canceled 1969 from the Roman general calendar.

However, there are worship services around Valentine's Day in which couples are blessed and love is celebrated.

The Valentine's Day in the German-speaking world gained fame through the sale of flowers, but especially by the intensive promotion of florists and confectionery manufacturers.

Valentine's Day in Europe

The Europeans, on the other hand, celebrate Valentine's Day only around 1950. Couples and lovers, however, are mostly confined to giving bouquets, chocolates or other little touches. For some, this day has a great meaning, the others find it rather kitschy.

Anyway, if you really like someone, but have not dared to tell her or her, Valentine's Day is an opportunity to finally take the "first step". Or he is just an occasion to say to his or his "Appeals" again: I love you!

The day of the lovers

Little by little, this day became the "Day of the Enamored," in which secret admirers revealed their great love to their admirers. And couples wrote fiery love letters. Whether the beautiful (or actually less beautiful) legend of St. Valentine actually has so contributed, no one can say with certainty.

Valentinstag in England

Valentine's Day has a tradition especially with the British and the Americans. In the Anglo-Saxon language area Valentine's Day has been popular since the 13th century. The enthusiasm for a Valentines celebration at the court of King Richard II was completed and first publicly presented. In this poem it is shown how the birds gather around the "goddess nature" on eternity, so that everyone can find a partner.

In the Late Middle Ages, the Valentine's Day was also considered as a Lost Day and was also called "Vielliebchenstag".

Since the 15th century Valentine's couples have been formed in England, who send themselves small gifts or poems. The couples formed through lots on the eve or through the first contact on Valentine's Day. In the Victorian era, the lovers were forced to send cards decorated in the same way. In England, it is customary to send anonymous love letters.

Valentine's Day in the USA

English emigrants took the valence to the United States. In the USA the teenagers send secret greeting cards with love messages. Whoever receives most of these messages is regarded as one of the "most desirable" - a peculiar "competition"; after all, it is not a matter of how many "admirers" one has, but only one or the ONE!

Import to Germany

US soldiers brought the custom after the Second World War into the American occupied part of Germany; In 1950 the first "Valentinsball" was held in Nuremberg. This day, with a non-ecclesiastical background, was intensified by the promotion of the florists and the confectionery industry, which was intensified before 14 February.

In Germany, flower gifts are still the most frequent gifts on Valentine's Day. On the front are, of course, red roses. The producer countries in Africa and South America have fought this date. For Valentine's Day alone, Lufthansa Cargo transports 1,000 tonnes of roses to Germany. Many other imports run through Amsterdam.

Valentine's Day in Italy

In Italy the love couple usually meet at bridges or even waters. There are often devices attached to which, for example, a bicycle can be connected. These are misused by simply attaching a so-called "love lock". On the castle, the lovers write their initials, sometimes with date, in the case of large castles one can even see glued pictures of the couple. This lock is connected, then the two each throw a key into the water and wish for something. Although the desires for it are not to be expressed, most want to have found the eternal love. This is often seen in Germany in the meantime, and it ultimately led to a strain on some buildings.

Valentine's Day in Finland

In Finland Valentine's Day is celebrated as a "friendship day". However, the Finns do not quite trust the cover. Because they send their love mostly anonymously in the form of cards sent or small gifts.

Valentine's Day in Brazil

In Brazil the Day of the Lovers (Dia dos Namorados) is celebrated on June 12th. The love couple make small presents. Maybe flowers too, we do not know exactly.

Party in Südafrika

In South Africa the day is also celebrated as a public festival. It is there custom to wear clothes in the colors white and red for the purity and love.

Valentine's Day in Japan - no flowers for Valentine's Day

In Japan on 14 February, women donate the men not with flowers but with chocolate. Even young girls take the Valentine's Day as an occasion to express their feelings against the pretenders with chocolate, which they have prepared with enthusiasm themselves. They hopefully (hopefully) then repay their affection a month later on "White Day" with white chocolate as a counter-gift.

However, one must also say that in Japan also a traditional love day known as Tanabata (July 7th).

Valentine's Day in South Korea

In South Korea there is the Black Day one month later, in addition to Valentine's Day (14 February) and "White Day" (14 March). Whoever went empty on both days can lick his wounds and his grief with Jajangmyeon (자장면) , Noodles with black sauce.

Valentine's Day in China

Meanwhile, the Valentine's Day is also gaining in popularity in the Middle East (especially in young Chinese-oriented Western lifestyle). There is also in China, however, a pendant to Valentine's Day, called Qixi and celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month after the Chinese moon calendar.

Saudi Arabia

In the strictly Arab countries, it is a bit of a copler to show his affection. In Saudi Arabia Valentine's Day is on the ban list of Islamic law. And this is not a joke. The purchase of items, which are suitable as a Valentine's Day gift such as red roses, is forbidden some days before.


Valentine's Day is not strictly forbidden in Thailand. But it respects the applicable laws, such as the prohibition of the exchange of affection among the public. Since the youth as everywhere has a different attitude. Many teenagers are celebrating this day, so there is a barrier for minors from 10 pm in Bangkok.