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How do I watering my flowers correctly?

Blumen richtig bewässern

How do I care for my balcony?

By the end of May at the latest, the first balcony plants can be planted. But how do I care for you properly?

The time is important.

A good tip: wait for the Ice Saints; Because before that the nights are often still frosty and the flowers go in.

This is often forgotten

One should use different types of layers in the balcony heads, so that the flowers go particularly well and one has long joy in them:

  1. 1. Blow clay (to prevent water from accumulating and no mold being formed)
  2. 2. Laying a fleece (helps against flooding)
  3. 3. Now the flower earth. It is best to use a fertilizer or chips. This will save you further, annoying fertilization, such as pouring.

How often must be poured?

Balcony plants are best poured in the morning and in the evening. The water is so completely absorbed by the plant and can evaporate in the sun at noon.

Use (if possible) collected rainwater; This is especially low in calcium. Slow pouring is also an advantage for the water to spread well.