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The tradition of Valentine's Day

Valentinstag Blumen schenken mit Regionsflorist

The tradition of a day of love

The Valentine's Day on 14th February is considered a day of love in some countries. On the 14th of February, the Romans celebrated the flowering of all female family members. It is possible that the churches have reinterpreted this original custom, and the story of this day is usually traced back to a Christian martyr named Valentinus (according to Valentin von Terni or Valentin von Viterbo), who, according to tradition, died for their faith. The memorial day was introduced by Pope Gelasius I. 469 to the whole Church. Officially the church holiday was canceled 1969 from the Roman general calendar.

However, there are worship services around Valentine's Day in which couples are blessed and love is celebrated.

The Valentine's Day in the German-speaking world gained fame through the sale of flowers, but especially by the intensive promotion of florists and confectionery manufacturers.